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Big in Japan: Panda Dogs


Ever wanted to own a Panda Bear, but was worried about being attacked while you are sleeping? Introducing the Panda Dog, a dog that looks like a Panda Bear.

The Panda Dog hails from Asia and is available in Japan and China and is believed to be a Maltese Poodle mix bread specially for its panda looks, although some suggest funnily that it has Panda DNA.

I’m not sure if these are available yet in the United States or elsewhere, but if they do become available you can see these being a Christmas gift for many years to come.

Here’s some footage of a Panda Dog in action in Japan.

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22 Responses to “Big in Japan: Panda Dogs”

  1. Cherry

    Dog in the video is different breed to dog in the picture. Dogs have just been dyed.

  2. dot

    Just do a little search and you can find the real story of this trend which involves black dye. There is NO breed of dog being developed for it's panda like markings!

  3. unimpressed

    The dog in the pic is a chow chow – look at the tongue. the dog in the video might be a maltese/poodle but theres no way its marking would be that clear – its dye.

  4. Ashley Byrd Enochs

    lies…………. allllllllllllll lies! Ditch the dye then come and tell me about the panda dog! =D

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