Shakira Nip Slip: Racy Billboard Music Award Performance Forced ABC To Cut Away

Shakira Nip Slip: Racy Billboard Music Award Performance Forced ABC To Cut Away

Shakira may have given producers at the Billboard Music Awards heart problems when she nearly delivered a nip slip during a risque performance that had the singer getting a little touchy feely with her female parts.

During the performance of her song “Empire,” the singer was groping her chest as she sang, and to viewers at home and in the crowd, it appeared as if she could burst out at any moment. The tension grew so much that ABC actually panned away from the performance, showing shots of the crowd for a few moments.

But on Monday, many viewers took to the internet to figure out exactly what it is they saw. The term Shakira nip slip was one of the most popular searches, trending across many search engines.

ABC seems to have a good reason to show an abundance of caution in the situation. When Janet Jackson accidentally exposed herself during the halftime show of the 2004 Super Bowl, CBS was fined by the FCC. Though the Supreme Court eventually canceled out the $550,000 fine, they warned that future “wardrobe malfunctions” may cost the networks cold, hard cash.

“It is now clear that the brevity of an indecent broadcast — be it word or image — cannot immunize it from FCC censure,” said Chief Justice John Roberts after the Janet Jackson incident. “Any future ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ will not be protected on the ground relied on by the court below.”

ABC is also being proactive in its defense against a possible fine. Videos of the purported Shakira nip slip have been taken down on YouTube, leaving viewers to have to work even harder to search for evidence of the incident.

Shakira had some racy moments outside of the “Empire” performance. She was seen backstage making out with her boyfriend, Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué.

Those who really want to get a peek at the Shakira nip slip can check out the Billboard Music Awards official story on her performance, which uses a picture right around the time ABC was forced to cut away from the song.