Pedophile Slaughtering White Supremacist Lashes Out After Sentencing

UNION, S.C. — A white supremacist and his wife convicted of baiting, kidnapping, and murdering a registered sex offender and his companion left the courtroom Wednesday morning shouting insults at the victims families after hearing the judge bring down the maximum sentence on the two of them. Jeremy and Christine Moody tried to convince the judge that they deserved only 30 years behind bars because they wanted to see their children grow up and they wanted to spend the final years of their life together. But things turned ugly when, due to the heinousness of the case, the judge refused and threw the book at them. The couple shared a momentary kiss before Jeremy Moody, brandishing his “skinhead” and “Made in America” tattoos to the courtroom, decided to give his thoughts to the family members of the people he murdered.

“See you perverts later,” Moody shouted to them as he walked out of court. “That’s what child molesters get.”

As she was taken to an awaiting police car, Moody’s wife Christine chimed in as well.

“Killing that pedophile was the best day of my life,” she told reporters outside the courthouse.

According to prosecuting attorney Kevin Brackett and psychiatrist Harold Morgan — who performed a psychological evaluation on the couple — Moody and his wife went to church to plan the cold-blooded murder of Charles Parker and his wife Gretchen, claiming that they had “divine right from God” to carry out their ambitions. After getting his address from a sexual offenders registration site, the Moodys drove to Parker’s house, and lifted the hood of their car so he would think they were having trouble. When Parker came to assist, Jeremy Moody shoved a pistol into his gut and forced him back into his home.

Moody then tormented them with the knowledge of their impending death. He stated that because he and Christine had been molested by adults as children, they were going to pay the price for it. Moody shot the couple, but not fatally, preferring to have Christine finish the job by stabbing them to death. Both were convicted of murder, kidnapping, and first-degree burglary.

After his arrest, Jeremy Moody informed police officers that he had a piece of paper with the name of another sex offender he and his wife planned to kill. Should they let them go, he would be next.

The Moodys showed little remorse during the trial, smiling at one another as the vicious events of that day were recalled to the jury. When family members of Parker and his wife asked Union County Judge Lee Alford for the maximum sentence, Jeremy chuckled at them. His wife Christina, when asked the obligatory question of whether anyone offered her anything for plea, she answered “just fame and fortune.”

Court photos show convicted killers Jeremy and Christina Moody laughing and kissing as their sentence is read to them.
Court photos show convicted killers Jeremy and Christina Moody laughing and kissing as their sentence is read to them.

The two then went on to describe nine more murders they claim to have committed, though investigators found no evidence to match the confessions. However, their loose association with the white supremacist terror group known as Crew 41 keeps the books open on the admitted crimes, and police are investigating the organization to see it they can find more clues to the supposed murders.

Defense attorneys claim that the Moodys suffer from various illnesses; Christine being a cancer survivor who lost both of her breasts in a mastectomy four years ago which lead to mental anguish and frustration, while Jeremy was a known schizophrenic who had not been taking his medicine. Judge Alford refuted the claim stating, “He was on his medicine today and look what he had to say.”

The Parker family claims to not have heard the perverted comment shouted at them by Moody, but shrugged it off when told about it.

“He got what he deserved. He would kill again if he was let out,” Charles Parker’s sister Brenda Franklin noted to reporters. “He can say whatever he wants. He’s dying in prison.”