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Sheryl Crow: Motherhood Trumps Music

Though music plays an important role in the life of nine-time Grammy award winner Sheryl Crow, it isn’t her number one concern – being a mom is.

“Motherhood has changed everything,” she says. “It’s given a real direction to my days.”

Since adopted sons Wyatt, now 4, and Levi, 1, became a part of her family, they have stepped into the top spot on her priority list.

“I make sure they’re in bed, tucked in, teeth brushed and we’ve said our prayers. And then, mommy goes to work. It’s great,” said Crow while explaining the routine that she goes through before hitting the concert stage for any performance.

While the rewards of being a mommy of two certainly outweigh the risks, the 49-year-old artist admits that parenting the boys can also be downright exhausting and that she often tries to “catch a nap when they do.”

With all that she has on her plate, Crow, who is currently traveling and performing as a part of the Kid Rock Born Free tour, has found a way to balance, and work on an eighth album.

The new album, which Sheryl won’t go into detail about but did reveal “will be in line with who I am and where I’m from,” is slated for release in 2012.

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