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Impeach Obama? 2014 Impeachment Campaign Starts Operation American Spring

Impeach Obama? 2014 Impeachment Campaign Starts Operation American Spring

The effort to impeach Obama in 2014 is supposedly gaining steam, with long time advocates trying to gather support for serving up articles of impeachment to President Barack Obama.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, last year Texas governor Dewhurst called for Obama’s impeachment and an impeach Obama billboard depicted the President as Adolf Hitler.

In 2011, Tom Tancredo, who is running for governor in Colorado, called on Congress to begin an impeachment probe of Obama for a variety of issues. Obama’s birth certificate was not one of them. Instead, the focus was on illegal immigration and the Fast and Furious scandal, which is claimed to have implicated Attorney General Eric Holder in a cover up, as well.

Three years later, Tancredo is claiming President Obama should be impeached because he “trashes the Constitution”:

“Nobody should be surprised we have someone who is destroying the Constitution, step-by-step, methodically, because he promised us he would do that when he ran. Obama said that he would fundamentally transform America. Well, how the hell do you do that? How he does it is that he destroys the Constitution, creates a socialist system and so we shouldn’t be surprised by him and we shouldn’t be surprised by Eric Holder, who refuses to uphold the law and trashes the Constitution.”

Sam Clovis is a Iowan candidate for Senate and he believes we should impeach Obama but also says that the media would defend Barack because he’s a black president:

“Within this generation we went through an impeachment of a president and it didn’t end well, and now we have a situation where race is thrown into the card as well. So whether we like it or not, race is an issue.I would say there are people in the House of Representatives right now that would very much like to take the opportunity to start the process. And I think the reason that they’re not is because they’re concerned about the media.”

But it is not just politicians demanding Obama’s impeachment. Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment is a grassroots organization based in Florida which has organized protests in Boca Raton, Ocala, Port St. Lucie, Naples, West Palm Beach, Orange City, Spring Hill, Kissimmee, Jacksonville, Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota. and Orlando. Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment gained national attention after a rally in Southern California snagged traffic in early June of 2013. Now they’re working with other groups in 2014 to launch an effort called Operation American Spring which openly mocks the President’s so-called Arab spring in the Middle East. Beginning in April, both groups hope to hold protests all over the nation.

While many laugh off these efforts, it’s possible the situation could change in 2015, assuming Republicans manage to gain a majority after the 2014 mid-term elections. As defined by the US Constitution, articles of impeachment must start in the House Of Representatives. Although Republicans have a solid majority in the House, and they might be able to impeach Obama successfully there, the Constitution also provides a balance of power by putting the power to enforce a Presidential impeachment into the hands of the Senate. Any attempt to impeach Obama in the House is a waste of time because the US Senate would never enforce it due to the Democratic majority.

Do you think Congress would ever impeach Obama even if Republicans had a majority in both the House and Senate?

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22 Responses to “Impeach Obama? 2014 Impeachment Campaign Starts Operation American Spring”

  1. Linda Benghazi Mitchell

    I'd like to thin they would enforce the violations of the Constitution.

  2. Simon Smith

    Obama can always get a job in Brussels after he is ousted. Americans won't want him hanging around..

    If you want to look at the effect of the E.U and U.S regimes on foreign policy…look at Libya. You know the country that the Western Propaganda Press no longer reports on after Benghazi. 4,000 refugees every two days entering Europe through Libya in human trafficking. I can only imagine the horrors of this trip let alone the tension building in European states with this influx of refugees. For those who may have forgotten…Libya is the country that has not exported its oil without confict for over a year and a has a Congress that is shot at and has to shift its location regularly.

    Compare this to Crimea and Eastern Ukraine where soldiers on tanks hand over firing pins to protestors and you get the picture that only right wing and left wing nut jobs are in the U.S and E.U; and of course Brennan the head of the C.I.A who secretly flew into Kiev are the ones that want conflict. Just as they did in trying to ferment unrest in Cuba through US Aid.

    You are being taken for an ideological drive America. Iran and Syria are not the biggest threat to world peace. The U.S and E.U are the only regimes we should be concerned about.

    You know these zealots from the left like Bloomberg that want to take your guns and your upsized soda. The type that would be pathetic enough to close down a Maccas in Crimea and force out a Mozilla executive over support for traditional marriage. The Silicon Valley activists don't have a problem with forcing this guy out after two weeks in the job…of making public attacks on World Vision and also of cashing in their shares before the market plummeted in tec stocks recently.

    The question at the end if the day is which regime is the most dangerous to our liberties at the moment? If your honest it is not Russia or Iran or Syria we need to be concerned about. It is the U.S and E.U regimes that are the most dangerous in violation of free speech and association and to world peace.

    Next stop…active censorship of the internet. Americans go to a European website and try to comment. There is no place for it. Obama failed to get his FCC media police into newsrooms so don't think these lefties will not go after your internet. Now he has the FCC putting an end to a free internet at the behest of Hollywood. Just remember Obamas words that you can keep your plan and that he would run the most transparent administration America has ever seen. Yeah right…. Pfft.

    Your domestic policymaking is as fruitful as your foreign policy and you can count on that making people more enemies of each other than anything else. These are the regimes we should be concerned about.

  3. Kevin Davidson

    There was a contemporary political cartoon of George Washington burning the Constitution too.

    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


  4. Jeff Rubenstein

    No one is going to impeach Obama. Because then Biden will be president.

  5. Cynthia L Smith

    If we don't we're screwed. He's on a roll to destroy who we are as a nation and the racist blind left can't see it. They're so worried about what they can get they're willing to destroy this country to do it.

  6. Greg Harold

    America is over with anyways, no matter which "imaginary leader" is in that white house. This Nation's debt and skewed perception of reality is it's downfall. Personally I vote for the least qualified worst possible candidates ever just to add wind to the fire.

  7. Janis Kaye Playwright-Librettist

    If Obama is impeached for ineligibility wouldn't Biden also be considered ineligible and also removed along with Hillary? If we investigate well, we will likely have reason to file charges of treason as well as accessory to murder for the Benghazi incident. And even if Biden becomes pres, there's no way he can compete with Obama in the destruction wrought on this country. As with every one of the unsolved crimes most likely committed by Obama, Holder will stall until the anger subsides then carry on with the next act of destruction. Just look at the decline in articles related to the BC. Previously many now few. Like his friend Adolph, Obama is frightening people into giving up. But not all of us are scared.

  8. Erika Gray

    IT IS NOT ABOUT RACE!!! Obama, Biden et al should be impeached/fired and jailed for treason among ALL of the other charges.

  9. Lisa Rathmann

    The government is infringing all our rights, freedoms and liberties, if we don't take the opportunity now, we might noot have a chance in the future!! think about it, were already sheep in shackles, were one step closer to slavery!!! get everyone you know to go to that march !! THE MORE WE HAVE THE BETTER CHANCE WE GOT

  10. Lee Maltese

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    Military, Citizens Invisible Darpa Micro-Implanted And Don't Know It From Computer! Not a physical Rfid Micro! I am target micro implanted under wifi surveillance as a terrorist in the Land Of The Free! I'm Lee Lee563 at I said US was going down 3 years ago (freedom of speech)at message boards, Howard said Obama implanted me! Raymond and millionaire Democrats sell out USA freedom and privacy for 2 million or a year. US military, police and Gov officials without their knowledge are Darpa micro right retina eye implanted and silently monitored for security and surveillance by these retarded agencies. Darpa micro implanting all foreign countries! You Have A USA Darpa 666 Slave Micro In You Now! Sorry Military & Vets Gov. Selling Out US Freedom For-2 Million A Year!

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  11. Anonymous

    Operation American Spring did not turn out the "millions" (or even hundreds of thousands or even thousands) that the organizers had promised:

  12. Anonymous

    the man is out of control, why do our representatives and senators not " step up " and say this is wrong. Obama needs to be impeached now, who has the balls to do it is the question

  13. Robert Malanga

    He needs to do the Country a favor and resign. If not then Congress needs to do their job. In the future Americans should grow a brain and vote for someone who is qualified, not because of race, religion or gender. This position is a leadership position like a Company CEO and from that perspective Obama wasn't qualified and it's all coming home to roost!

  14. Fred Celi

    Totally out of Control but very Methodical planning, Wake up America, Five major Taliban Leaders freed by Obama who now head ISIS for one so called marine who should have said "Semper Fi" "Always Faithful" when he spoke on Capital grounds, but instead he spoke his so called captors language with Obama smiling beside him. Obama knew CIA, FBI rules no bargaining with terrorists but he used executive decision power to free five "Killers of Woman, Children Innocent Civilians" for one AWOL marine" This is Part of a Plan". Our Forefathers would be ashamed of what is going on today. "Take back America before it's to late and all the predictions of the Anti-Christ will come true and our dollars bills will no longer say "In God we Trust" but say In Quran we trust rewritten by ISIS. We are methodically being taken over from within a so called new world order is on the rise, so prepare WWIII is coming!!! Exercise your right to bear arms before that is taken away because our constitutional rights are being systematically removed one at a time by Obama and his followers. "U.S. House of Representatives "IMPEACH" now before it's too late haven't we learned from our mistakes in the past don't negotiate while the enemy is planning our demise "Pearl Harbor" God Bless All and especially the United States of America and what it stands for freedom and equality for all except the evil ones, Amen.

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