Trey Songz Confesses A Girlfriend Is Bad For The Brand

Trey Songz is one of the hottest record producers and rappers in the industry. Since the release of his first album I Gotta Make It, released back in 2005, Trey’s career has proven that he has made it in this business. With every album, Trey’s popularity seems to rise, just as his songs on the chart. Songz has announced a tentative date of June 30 for the release of his most recent album, Trigga. But one of Trey’s songs, Na Na, has already reached the top 10 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart and No. 22 on the Hot 100 from the release of Trey’s steamy video, per

It was just last month that Trey Songz was all over the social media due to a bogus Twitter post. Someone posing as Trey Songz tweeted that he is gay. acknowledges that the tweet spread like wildfire throughout the entertainment industry. They quoted the tweet as stating, “I think it’s time to finally tell my fans. All games and jokes aside….I’m gay.”

According to, it managed to reach fifty-seven thousand retweets and fifty-three thousand Favorites before Songz removed it. After Trey realized the post had gone viral and his female fans were distraught while Songz’s male fans said they were not surprised, Trey decided to publicly address the issue. reported Songz’s Twitter reply, “The things you people craft up with hatred in your hearts. The things people believe without question, or validity, all baffles me,” Trey wrote.

Later Trey added: “Photoshop and a retweet is all people need to believe, any and everything. I feel bad for the impressionable, no minds of their own.”

With the online release of his latest single Smart Phones, Trey Songz is quick to speak up and admits to interviewer Smokey Fontaine, “I love hard.” And although Trey writes and records songs of love and relationships, he has yet to find his one true love.

Smart Phones is a song about cheating and lying. Songz confessed to Fontaine, “Something that is crazy about people is that we lie to people we care about.” The lyrics to Trey’s song is about him getting caught cheating and having to lie to his girlfriend to not only cover it up, but win her back.

Trey was quick to admit that he isn’t gay, but he wants his female fans to know that he is not attached to any one female, as well. Songz reveals to Fontaine that part of his attraction is that he is single. Trey is in the business to sell his music and his image, and to disclose that Trey has a girlfriend is “bad for the brand.”

But don’t think bad of Trey for saying this because he divulges in this same interview that, “When I find somebody that I’m willing to commit my life to a lot of things will change. I won’t spend a million hours in the studio by myself. I think love overpowers all. It get’s very lonely because you turn around and it’s a different girl.”

Trey Songz’s fans hopes that he will maintain the long hours in the studio and pumping out the chart-climbing hits.

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