Justin Bieber Has Learned A Lot Through His Struggles And Troubles

Justin Bieber Has ‘Learned A Lot’ Through ‘Trial & Error:’ Dare We Belieb?

Was that Justin Bieber apologizing on Monday? The star says he has “learned a lot” from his apocalyptic romp through 2013-2014 and described the process as “trial and error.” Despite ongoing legal challenges, Bieber says he is “excited for what’s next.”

Justin Bieber took to Twitter over the holiday, seemingly sorry and packing explanations for his unprecedented year and a bit. You may already know the highlights: allegations galore, probable reckless driving, alleged paparazzi pugilism, persistent shirtlessness and a proven liking for marijuana — which may be behind all of these.

But while over 273,000 time-wasters who signed a petition to boot the superstar from the US, and majority of media seem determined to damn the 20-year-old’s youthful missteps as his final “downfall,” Bieber says he has “learned a lot this past year through trial and error.”

“This is my time off but my mind is alway[s] running. Learned a lot this past year thru trial & error but that is life. Excited for what’s next,” Justin tweeted early Monday morning.

Bieber’s next statement suggested he isn”t just reflecting on his escapades on and off his Believe tour – and the rest – but plans to do better from now on.

So, do we believe him? Or has the drop-crotch wearing wild star exhausted our collective patience with monkeys, mayhem, and mumbling in Miami depositions?

And is that even the conversation we should be having, given that we seem more than willing to allow Rihanna limitless do-overs for late shows, open drug taking, and the same if not far more instances of shirtlessness and now bottomless displays — not to mention a line-up of other stars with DUI’s, pot habits, and Christian Bale-like relationships with paparazzi?

In addition, The Inquisitr previously reported a significant proportion of gossip-outlet driven allegations and claims about Bieber are dubiously sourced and often demonstrably false.

If you’re a journalist you already know that, if you’re reader you know it now.

Rolling Stone’s February, 2014 issue splashed Bieber as a “bad boy” on its cover with an unflattering profile by Clare Hoffman.

Hoffman revealed a source close to the singer said he felt “persecuted” and misperceived” by the tide of unfounded stories reported about him and the insane level of scrutiny he exists in, exampled by media requests for Bieber’s jailhopuse urine test footage after his DUI arrest at the beginning of the year.

While TMZ and Radar Online have led the way in negative media messaging about Bieber, other outlets aren’t strong-armed into following that narrative, those outlets do it willingly for reasons which are mostly about traffic and advertizers.

Bieber’s value as a profit-draw multiplies when photographs and visual media are added to stories. Note TMZs traffic-baiting headline for the video report below compared to Bieber’s actual calm reaction seen in the footage.

Bieber’s detractors may point to the singer’s DUI case after his arrest in Miami Beach on January 23, an assault charge arising in Toronto, and alleged house-egging as reasons why he should be seen as an enemy of the state, which is essentially how he is billed by tabloids and many Internet commenters.

But the truth is, Justin allegedly committed all of the above transgressions when he was 19, a teenager. Has he acted stupidly at times? You betcha.

And just like any other 20-year-old kid he will likely continue to at times, especially given the pressure Bieber deals with — a point noted recently by Spiderman star Andrew Garfield.

Has Bieber also made a sizable, legitimate #giveback contribution over the years and helped the sick, the needy and undervalued? Yes.

Photographer Nick Onken On The 'Unguarded' Side Of Justin Bieber

Now, Bieber seems to be taking positive steps in the right direction. From his recent prank on actor-musician Drake Bell when he crashed Bell’s album release party this past weekend after years of goading, it’s unlikely Justin is about to drop all the antics and not have fun.

But no one could go through the kind of year Bieber has experienced and not be changed in some way.

Bieber is saying he has learned lessons and it’s possible his reportedly resumed relationship with on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez is part of the motivation for his breakthrough. The couple have been spotted together over the past few months, the most recent sighting at Coachella during the first weekend.

Selena Gomez

(Photo: Gomez Instagram).

As to whether Bieber has changed and/or is changing; if we’re honest we will either welcome his declarations and let him prove what he has learned, or openly lament that we may not be able to mock him for much longer.

As of press time, Justin later tweeted a trio of tweets that suggest positive influences in the singer’s life are taking effect.