Miley Cyrus tour bus on fire

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour Bus Destroyed By Fire, Was It Intentional? [Video]

As if there isn’t enough news surrounding Miley Cyrus and her Bangerz tour already, around midnight information saying that the singer’s tour bus had caught fire started hitting the net.

The former Disney star’s sister, Noah, put up some tweets saying everyone was okay and had gotten out safely and shared some snaps of the bus completely destroyed.

Noah Cyrus posted a video of the Bangerz World Tour bus completely engulfed in flames with the caption, “bus down!”

Finally, at past three in the morning it seemed that things had settled enough for everyone to find a hotel where they could safely go to sleep.

So far Miley Cyrus has not made any comments on her social media pages, however, she retweeted one of her sister’s tweets about the fire.

It is unclear where the fire took place and apparently nobody was on board when the blaze started.

On Sunday, March 16, Miley Cyrus performed at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas and on Monday the entourage was en route to New Orleans for a concert that is supposed to take place Tuesday, March 18.

There has been no word of whether the tour bus fire will delay any of the following performances yet.

Even though no official statement from authorities has been released, social media is already blaming a “church group” for the incident.

Miley Cyrus began her Bangerz World Tour on Valentine’s Day in Vancouver, Canada, perhaps as a way to make a statement, since that is the day her relationship with former fiance Liam Hemsworth reportedly ended last year.

The endeavor will take the “Wrecking Ball” singer to 39 cities in North America — 36 of which are in the US — and 21 in the rest of the world. The tour ends on June 13 in Barcelona, Spain.

The 21-year-old continues to make headlines with her on stage behavior which has included so far overly sexual moves — considering many of her fans are young tweens –, dancing in her underwear, displaying a new lip tattoo, and the arrest of a fan who somehow got past security and ended up backstage.

However, Miley Cyrus has received generally positive marks from critics who applaud her vocal talent and say she deserves the attention for more than her overly daring costume choices.

[Image via Noah Cyrus/Instagram]