'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Halle Berry Storm cut

‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Sees Another Cast Member Cut

X-Men: Days of Future Past will see yet another role cut from the film. Unlike Anna Paquin’s Rogue, however, this role isn’t going to be destined for the Director’s Cut and deleted scenes.

Halle Berry‘s Storm will allegedly end up cut down to only one scene in the latest X-Men film. The explanation given is that the series alumni was pregnant with her second child during filming, and as a result a lot of the action scenes her character was involved in couldn’t be filmed. The fighting and flying parts had to be taken out, but thankfully there was one scene the 47 year old actress thought needed to be done.

The actress for Storm going all the way back to the first movie, Halle Berry commented on what needed to be cut and left in for X-Men: Days of Future Past:

“Storm probably won’t be as badass as she was going to be. Because we won’t be able to do any fighting or flying or things like that. … There’s something very revealing and shocking about Storm in this movie that I thought was needed.”

The loss of scenes involving Storm may seem like a tragedy for fans of the character, but the last film of the series she starred in had some audiences wishing she would just shut her mouth and actually do something. She spent the majority of X-Men: The Last Stand just preaching at the other members of the team, and only had a few actual scenes toward the end when she was seen using her powers. Allegedly we’ll see even less of her this time.

There is even a petition to replace her with Lupita Nyong’o from 12 Years a Slave, though it would be a bit of a push for that to happen, given X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s July 14 release date.

With the return of a few cast members from X-Men: First Class, one of which hadn’t changed (Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, the only one who has been in every film so far), the upcoming X-Men: Days still has an impressive roster including a few characters we’ve never seen before.

In the absence of Rogue and Storm, we’ll see the addition of the time-traveling Bishop, the speedy Quicksilver, the Sentinel program’s Bolivar Trask, Warpath, Blink, and Sunspot. The upcoming film will have plenty of mutants to keep the story moving, and we can only hope it doesn’t fall to the same problems that X-Men: The Last Stand had. Too many characters can backfire.

Do you think the absence of scenes with Halle Berry’s Storm will affect the film on a negative level, or will you be relieved to see less of her in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

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