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Houston Dad Shoots Teen Boy Found In Daughter’s Bedroom

texas shooting

A Houston dad shot and killed a 17-year-old boy found inside his daughter’s bedroom early this morning. The unidentified Texas father was reportedly told by one of his children that someone was inside his teenage daughter’s room. When the dad entered his 16-year-old daughter’s room, he allegedly found her in bed with a boy.

The confrontation between the teen boy and the Texas dad happened around 2:30 am. The Houston man, carrying his gun, told the unknown teen to identify himself, according to law enforcement officers. The 16-year-old daughter reportedly said that not only did she not know the 17-year-old boy but that the two were not in bed together.

The Houston dad then told the teenage boy not to move, but saw the young man reach for something, and opened fired, according to statements made by the father to the police. The boy did not have a gun and the daughter later admitted that she did know the fatally shot teenager.

A neighbor had this to say to the local Fox News affiliate, “You just feel terrible for the families. You just kind of reflect on both of these families’ lives have been changed forever. The Houston man was transported from the home to the hospital for an unrelated medical issue.

Homicide investigators are still gathering evidence in the Texas shooting. A Harris County Sheriff’s report indicates that officers responded to a 911 call at the residence in the Bridgestone Lake Subdivision in the northwestern area of the county. No arrests have been made in the tragic shooting so far. Houston detectives reportedly plan on referring the case over to a grand jury.

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97 Responses to “Houston Dad Shoots Teen Boy Found In Daughter’s Bedroom”

  1. Cody Grensted-Giles

    It's attitudes like yours, that contribute to the problem.

  2. Margaret Coyne-Wilkes

    Wow,such a hard lesson for teenagers to learn….Do not lie….If this young lady had told the truth and was not worrying about saving her butt ,, then maybe herFather might not have mistaken him as a intruder or rapist and not have felt the need to shoot him…How sad

  3. Ashley Hough

    Lisa Kazmier …she shouldn't have lied and what if he didn't do that and the boy had a gun or something and shot him. this man thought someone broke in and was rapeing his daughter. You must be one of the people that's petitioning for peoples firearms to be taken away right? What if it was a rapist and he had gotten away? You don't care you just automatically blame him for have a firearm to protect his family.

  4. Ashley Hough

    Also don't think because this thing says highschool next to my name that im a kid. Im 24 just for everyone to know.

  5. Jessica Corr

    I think the father had every right to do what he did if i caught someone in my daughters bed n she said she didnt know him damn right i would shoot his ass as far as his daugter lying idk what to say to that she should have known better

  6. Babs Noneya

    Lisa Kazmier What do you do If you walk into your child's room and there is – 1) someone laying in bed with her, 2) she tells you she doesn't know him, 3) you tell him not to move, 4) he does, it's a gun, and 5) he shoots you and then continues doing whatever he "broke into the house" to do… oh that's right, your dead.

  7. James Wiltsey

    I took my chances as a teen and boy was it stupid. Girls will hang you out to dry every time. I bet a lot of boys think twice from now on, but then again not. Perhaps we shouldn't be so worried about felons having guns but go by a psych evaluation.

  8. Renee S Haines

    What is our world turning into? This guy killed someone because his daughter sneaked him in? Now the young lady will have to live with the rest of her life, Maybe this should be an eye opener to teens. Pass it on in schools as a lesson. Who know next time dad may kill the wrong person and that would be so sad.

  9. James Wiltsey

    The truth is he's probably just covering his ass and wanted to shoot the kid so bad he couldn't stop

  10. James Wiltsey

    Ashley Hough It's not a bad argument for taking away guns and I like the 2nd amendment

  11. Jennifer Sexton

    No, he should not have shot and killed him. He could have shot him in the leg to disable him and then call 911. Plus the boy was unarmed. And for the daughter to say that she did not know the boy, she is flat out lying. She finally said , yes she did know him. She is just as much to blame as the father. But shoot to kill, absolutely not. He did not have to kill this young man.

  12. Edwin Bailey

    they must of not read the story. did not see any race issue here

  13. Lauren Siegel

    There is a difference between shooting his ass and shooting to kill. The kid could have lived with a gun shot wound to the leg or arm.

  14. Emmy Guckert

    I could understand better if he had shot to wound first not kill but really how can anyone say when they were not there.
    If his daughter was in fact lying then she should be held partly responsible….. She saw her fathers gun.

  15. Clayton Lorenz

    Lauren Siegel – Not all shot wounds to the leg are survivable, you do have a major artery in your legs. And all it takes is a misplaced round to the arm to hit someone in the neck, head or another fatal spot. That's why in most cases body shots are the best because it's a broader target and yet fatal as well. He would've been putting his daughters life in danger too if she was near the kid when dad was going to squeeze the trigger and well a misplaced shot would = 2 less teens in the world. :( Either way I feel the daughter shouldn't have lied and the father had every right because if the kid was truly reaching for something, he had no idea what it was, it could've been a gun, knife, or a taser. In that situation you just don't know.

  16. Dianne Russell

    I actually know someone who was killed in a similar manner. He was in a tree outside his girlfriends bedroom window, and her father shot him. R.I.P. Butch.

  17. Jack Figueras

    CLICK,BANG oh what a hang, your Daddy just shot poor me, And I hear you say, as I fade away, We don't have to wait until tomorrow… must not have been right, so forever, goodnight….

  18. Brian Pickell

    And have him come back and sue you? Not a chance. Besides if you thought someone was raping your child chances are you would be shooting to kill as well.

  19. Brian Pickell

    Jennifer Sexton Let's analyze the article for a minute. 2:30am and when confronted the daughter says she doesn't know the man. What does that tell you? That tells me there is some man she doesn't know in bed with her @ 2:30am that spells rape.. Unless she is such a whore that she leaves her window open for anyone off the street to come in and have sex with her.

  20. Kari Kleiner

    they r investigating..sick of the race card being pulled ..its been since late 1800s..abe Lincoln set ur asses free..get with it or get the hell out

  21. Kari Kleiner

    because society is a piece of crap n they have to do what they need to to protect selves from the cretins that roam. have respect jackbags.

  22. Cody Grensted-Giles

    Jennifer Sexton So if your child woke you up in the middle of the night to say there's a strange man in your daughters bed you would assume he's just laying down, relaxing?

  23. Dana Windsor

    Thats right Margaret I am a mom of 2 girls, they are grown now but if I had found someone in their room and she told me she didnt know him you damn right i would shoot first and ask questions later

  24. Cody Grensted-Giles

    Kari Kleiner These people don't even see the hypocracy in their attitudes, blaming white people for slavery. You do understand white people as a whole didn't enslave your race, and the people who did are no longer alive, right? Don't you see how illogical it is, to retaliate against generalizations, based on inherent traits determined by race, with generalizations directed at another race? If someone from another office building comes and shoots yours up, would you retaliate by going on a shooting spree in their building? No, so why would you apply that reasoning to racial discrimination?

  25. Cody Grensted-Giles

    Lauren Siegel Have you ever fired a pistol? If someone is reaching for a weapon, you would fire at a smaller target, that most likely won't incapacitate them to the point they can't shoot back, and increase the chances of missing and hitting your child? Why would you care more about the welfare of your daughters rapist, than your daughter herself?

  26. Cody Grensted-Giles

    Have you ever fired a pistol? Either you don't know anything about firearms, or you care more about the welfare of your daughters rapist, than your daughters. You think it's better to aim at a smaller target, most likely leaving him still fully capable of firing back, and increase the chances of missing and hitting your daughter?

  27. Lauren Siegel

    Cody Grensted-Giles Right. The "rapist". And the daughter wasn't screaming or crying. Did you even read the article? The daughter told her father that she wasn't in bed with the kid. If he was a rapist, he would have been on top of her from the beginning and the father would have reason to shoot to get him off of her.

    And a leg is not a small target.

  28. Clayton Lorenz

    Yes the leg is a small target to hit when it comes to taking time to aim and fire. Again I wonder if you've ever fired a firearm and if you have, if you've ever fired one in a high stress situation. And all it takes is someone that is moving to change a situation from calm to high stress because they could be reaching for a weapon

  29. Lauren Siegel

    Clayton Lorenz Right. Let's talk about the extreme cases. There will always be extreme cases where people get shot just in the right place to bleed out. And on the opposite, there will be people that get shot in the brain and still live.

    But ask any trauma physician what the odds are for a patient shot in the leg vs the torso.

    "He would've been putting his daughters life in danger too " If the boy was that close to the daughter, shooting at the torso vs the leg won't make a difference. In fact, if the daughter was that close why would you shoot at the torso?. What do they teach hostage negotiators? Shoot the foot so the hostage can get away, unless you shoot to kill in which you shoot in the head. And no pistol packing untrained citizen who has their daughter that close to the hostage is going for the head. Because like you said, with her that close, you put her at risk.

    ", it could've been a gun, knife, or a taser." Shoot first ask questions later. Got it. And if innocent people die, it's their fault I guess.

  30. Jennifer Sexton

    Yes I have fired a pistol. You do not know jack about me. And to say that I would care about my daughter's rapist more than her just goes to show how stupid your statement is. How dare you say that. He was not armed. The daughter lied, then after he was dead said oh yeah I knew him. We don't know all the facts, so don't pretend that you do. That father, I believe, did not have to shoot to kill. But apparently some people, like you, believe that he should have and did. I put you in the same class as Zimmerman.

  31. Cody Grensted-Giles

    Lauren Siegel You should really read the article again. The father walked in on them in bed together, she told the police she didn't know him and they weren't in bed, then later reversed her statement. Thanks for proving you know nothing about firearms and have no right making claims based off nonexistent knowledge. Unless you're a trick shot or enthusiast, the leg is a small target. There is a reason people are trained to aim for center mass, if you actually knew what you were talking about you would know this.

  32. Clayton Lorenz

    If he has his CCW Lauren he took the training classes and technically it is shoot first and ask questions later. You're trained in a lot of CCW/CWP classes to shoot to kill, not shoot to maim because the assailant can retaliate if they're alive even if maimed. You're shooting to save your life or someone else's life, not shooting to save the assailant's life.

  33. Lauren Siegel

    Clayton Lorenz Assuming only makes you look like an ass. I was taught to shoot guns from the age of 7 and up. I went to summer camp that had not only riflery but archery as well. And my father had 2 guns and took me to shooting ranges. We are talking about a second bedroom. Not across a parking lot. And in small quarters, a leg is not a small target.

  34. Lauren Siegel

    Cody Grensted-Giles Please scroll up. "The 16-year-old daughter reportedly said that not only did she not know the 17-year-old boy but that the two were not in bed together." Its right there in black and white.

  35. Clayton Lorenz

    If you say so Lauren.. It is a rather small target to go for in a situation like that. Even I wouldn't go for a target like the leg. Someone comes into my home and they'll be meeting my AR 15 and it will be chest cavity shots as I was taught in the military and in CCW/CWP classes. I wouldn't waste time picking a target like an arm or a leg. That takes more time then putting sights on chest/torso target shots

  36. Lauren Siegel

    Clayton Lorenz That's fine. And when you accidentally shoot your child's friend, you will go to jail and be sued and can live with the fact that you killed and innocent person. As a person supposedly trained, you above all should have even more self control and ability to asses a situation rather than going in blind and shooting. One night, I was awaken by yelling. There were men in my house and father had pulled his gun. Turned out, there was a leak in the basement (again) and it messed with the phone lines, calling 9-1-1. Since we were all asleep and not really calling, they dispatched two officers who went through the front door and quietly up the stairs. My father was fast asleep but when he was woken, he went for his gun (in the dark) but still had the wherewithal to yell out "freeze, I have a gun" and luckily the cops were able to find the light and he did not shoot. He didn't know if it was me or my mother (who worked late night shifts as a nurse at a hospital). But if he had, he would have been locked up before I even heard the gunshots for being a cop killer. This guy had much more ample opportunity to assess the situation.

  37. Dustin Moulton

    Jennifer Sexton I know it may sound bad but the father did exactly what your supposed to do in this situation. If anything the daughter should be in trouble for lying, that's the tragedy here. If you take any classes for carrying a gun or protecting yourself they tell you to shoot for center mass. Actually shooting someone in the arm in that situation is illegal "purposely wounding someone" or something to that nature. Not saying the situation is correct but if this was in self defense "protecting his daughter" the grand jury will decide. I just wanted to tell you about the purposely wounding someone is a crime.

  38. Jessica Corr

    Lauren siegel if there is someone in my home that i dont know and my child tells me they dont know them there is not warning shot the only people that do that are the people that have never had anything bad happen in there life point is the guy should have showed his self and the daughter
    should have never lied and the guy should have never reached for anything u come in my home in the middle of the night n i dont know u damn right ur not gonna have the chance to hurt me or my family

  39. Aska Liu

    Lauren Siegel the father was NOT a professional shooter, in the situation of panic he open fire, what did you expect?

  40. Dana Windsor

    Larry Daley thats not the point but when someone breaks in a childs room with a weapon and tells her if you scream I will kill you, children tend to comply Her father did not know that boy wasnt there to harm his child and family all he knew was there was an intruder in his house

  41. Tina Minster

    if the boy was in bed with his daughter……he did not have the right to kill him..shame on him…if somebody broke into my home and was about to do harn to any of my family..I would shot him dead dead dead.

  42. Daniel Danotomyfriends

    i have been giving this story some serious thought for the past few hours … even if the daughter did deny knowing this boy he could have said something to rebut her … i think the dad straight up shot this boy cuzz he was doin his baby girl, and now she's covering for her daddy !!!

  43. James Wiltsey

    Dana Windsor This should teach us to think first and ask questions immediately.

  44. James Wiltsey

    Jennifer Sexton you have a teenage daughter that probably has a history after all she was 16. Hell they started at 12 in the 70's and it's worse now. Should have shot the daughter

  45. James Wiltsey

    Not serious of course, but the girl is usually to blame. You can't blame a teenage boy for taking what's offered

  46. Dana Windsor

    James Wiltsey seriously??? This man thought there was an intruder in his home and as I said before if I had walked in on the same situation with my daughter telling me she didnt know him i would shoot him too

  47. James Wiltsey

    Richard Nicoletti My daughter's not so scared of me that she would feel compelled to lie, I'm one of those damn liberals and I don't keep guns for those reasons but I'm not against them. I believe you can't make everybody smart so I believe psych clearances would help. If you had to pass a psych test to own a gun most people wouldn't get one. And I would never live in Texas, the mentality is not to my liking.

  48. Richard Nicoletti

    James Wiltsey if this had been a white guy shooting a black guy we'd be back in court again. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson where art thou?

  49. Dana Windsor

    James Wiltsey refreshing to meet you and your daughter, even in a blog, who is so perfect that she or you would never ever lie. Children test the water with everything so brace yourself!! It would be very interesting to see how both of you would handle the same situation. Another thing people have the mentality you are speaking of no matter where you live, its not just in Texas. Just for the record it dont take a rocket scientist to know when there is an intruder in your home you protect your family first even when it means shooting them.. I guess you would be the kind that would allow some serial killer to tie your family up and torture them while you watch

  50. Kathy O'Keefe Mulcahy

    I worry about felons having guns. And if regular folk were disarmed I would worry even more. Where there are strict gun laws is where the highest crime statistics are. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are in place for a reason.

  51. Sheila Kotze

    So.. it says that the father told the boy to identify himself.. it doesn't say if the boy did or not… It says that the father walked in a found the 2 in bed together, but then the girl says they weren't in bed together. And the boy reached for something? Reached where? Something doesn't add up.

  52. Dirk Amspaugh

    Unknown person in my home, at 2:30 am. What do you expect. Everyone here would have done the same. If not, please allow me come to your home while you sleep. Then let's see how you feel about that.

  53. Xio Talmas

    The father should have pulled back the covers. He's got a lying ass daughter and I hope she doesn't live this down for a long time… The truth would have set that boy free and the parents could have had the opportunity to talk to the kids.

  54. Jennifer Sexton

    I agree James. For her to lie in the beginning, there must have been issues with her. If it were not for her lying, then the boy would probably be still alive. (and your right on the money regarding the 70's).

  55. Jennifer Sexton

    Dustin Moulton Thanks for clearing that up for me Dustin. I did not know that. But I do agree that daughter is at fault for lying from the get go. Things would have turned out different if not for her lying. Have a good weekend.

  56. Susan Vorbeck

    If the facts in the story are true, the man said don't move and the boy made a move. If I were in this situation I would shoot to kill. If you shoot him in the leg and he is, in fact, reaching for a gun you've just risked the life of yourself and your daughter. I think this is a horribly sad story (assuming we're getting the real story). The girl is still a child and likely didn't have a proper understanding of the repercussions of her lies. The father thought a man was assaulting his daughter. The whole thing is just awful.

  57. Terry Brien

    Jennifer Sexton – That's right. From the man's perspective, A boy broke into his daughter's room in the middle of the night to simple get into bed and "Lay" next to her. Sarcasm Intended.

  58. Susan Vorbeck

    Good for you! We should never miss out on the opportunity to turn a sad story in to a media circus over race. This is why no one, who isn't black, listens anymore when someone really is being discriminated against. Parents need to start telling their kids the story about the boy who cried wolf again.

  59. Jennifer Sexton

    Susan, I agree. I would not have shot to kill, but I was not in that man's shoes. So I really don't know. All we know is that this girl lied and there is a dead boy. If she had said no don't shoot, this is so and so, would this kid still be alive? I think so.

  60. Chad Pitre

    she should go to jail for murder if she told her dad the truth the boy would still be alive maybe black and blue but alive

  61. Jennifer Sexton

    Now, according to Huff Post, this boy was not in the bed, but under the bed. The girl's brother saw this, went to the dad and he had words with the boy, the boy "moved his hands" and then was shot dead. The boy was unarmed. The media screws everything up and we are all to blame by jumping the gun and posting what we think happened or what we have just read, which is usually not accurate.

  62. Amanda Eubanks Philpott

    Lauren Siegel You never shoot except to kill. An injured intruder still has a chance to kill you.

  63. Amanda Eubanks Philpott

    Jennifer Sexton Since the daughter is a minor I doubt they would tell if they were having sex to protect her.

  64. James Wiltsey

    Kathy O'Keefe Mulcahy No matter who you let have a gun they should have to be certified psychologically sound. Hell we even make people take a test to get a drivers license. Japan has strict gun laws and they have 3-5 murders a year by firearm. I don't believe in taking away anybody's rights and convicted felons included. Everything is a felony since Ronald Reagan. Driving w/o a license, non payment of child support, possession of pot and all of the stupid felonies in this country are ridiculous. Psyche eval. makes much more sense so people w/ anger issues and drinking problems and other big problems won't have guns. A pot smoker is the last person that would shoot anybody. Felons that flunk psyche test would not have legal guns either. There is no intelligent argument against a psyche eval. for gun ownership.

  65. James Wiltsey

    The big problems with guns is most people with them are planning to kill something, and most people who want to kill something are mentally deranged. I have two. LOL

  66. James Wiltsey

    And who really cares if they had sex when you look at the big picture. He just wanted to shoot the kid.

  67. James Wiltsey

    You must not have a sexually active daughter, he did and knew it. A person doesn't tell their first lie at 16. He probably knew she was a problem.

  68. Roddy Patterson

    A dad does have an instinct about his daughter. Right or wrong he was obviously angered. He "wanted" to believe his daughter so (if) he went for a hidden object I say pop a cap. But I'd be willing to say she knew this 17 year old. In Texas he may have been 6'4" 250 -275 lb football player who posed an ominous presence? I still say she let the horn dog in . Dad needs to realize ,even in his day these things happen more often than realized.

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