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Chris Brown Doesn’t Have A Problem With Rihanna’s Relationship With Drake [Rumor]

Chris Brown apparently doesn’t have a problem with his ex-girlfriend’s current relationship.

Although Rihanna’s romance with Drake caused a bit of a problem for Brown not too long ago, it would seem that those days are long gone. Despite what your friends on social media may have told you about Chris’ attitude about the relationship, apparently it’s a non-issue.

If you don’t keep up with Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend and her love life, then you’re probably wondering what we’re talking about right now. Rihanna and Drake dated a while ago, prompting a war of words between the rapper and Brown. While many people thought their relationship was just a flash in the celebrity pan, apparently the pair are quite close.

According to Hollywood Life, the happy couple are still filled with love and romance. However, they reportedly haven’t decided to take their relationship to another level.

“The only commitment they want is to be able to keep what they have and not ruin a good thing. Neither of them are in a rush for anything. They are so chill and love what they’ve got,” an anonymous source to the gossip site.

So how is Chris Brown taking this news? Since the singer reportedly started texting his ex-girlfriend not too long ago, is he beside himself with bitter jealousy and rage? TMZ reports that Brown doesn’t have a problem with Rihanna’s relationship.

According to the website, Chris is completely devoted to getting his music career back on track. With two releases primed for release this summer, Brown doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands. As such, he’s apparently not stressing about Rihanna.

If that’s not enough celebrity gossip to keep you happy, then you probably want to know how Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran feels about her boyfriend sending text messages to the “Diamonds singer. The folks at — surprise, surprise — Hollywood Life claim to have a very knowledgeable source tucked away in their back pocket.

“Karrueche isn’t worried about all these haters thinking she and Chris aren’t gelling together,” the insider recently dished.

The anonymous source added, “That’s her boy, always has been, always will be. She’s stood by him, behind him, on both sides of him, and in front of him. She’s there — a constant in his life — and the same goes for him where she’s concerned.”

Since this information is coming from a wide variety of insiders and sources, it’s best to treat the latest rumors about Chris Brown as nothing more than internet gossip. Chances are a completely different set of reports will pop up in the next few days.