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Justin Timberlake Gets Groped At Concert [Video]

Justin Timberlake has been touring for months now in an effort to support his double album, The 20/20 Experience. While the tour has been successful in the eyes of critics, Timberlake can’t escape some unpredictable moments from happening while performing on stage.

During his concert at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday, a fan decided it would be a good idea to get an extra token from the JT concert experience. Unfortunately for Timberlake. he had to get groped while singing his song “Cabaret.”

“Cabaret” is a racy song by nature, but in the scope of Top 40 it’s pretty harmless. During the song, Timberlake leaves the bridge portion of the stage that expands across the whole stadium and walks down to the VIP area to connect with some fans. That said, we’re sure while Timberlake was expecting to slap some hands, he probably wasn’t banking on someone grabbing his backside, but that’s exactly what happened.

YouTuber Jacqueline Gazsi decided to release a video of the incident from Timberlake’s concert this past Tuesday. Not to make a huge deal out of his backside getting groped, Timberlake reacted by effortlessly flinging the groper’s hand off and continued on with the show. Before he left the VIP section, Justin did circle back to momentarily have a stare down with the area the hand came from. Our guess is that he was trying to single out the person that slapped his backside.

That wasn’t the only odd moment Justin experienced on his 20/20 tour. As we reported, Timberlake was shown the middle finger by a woman in the front row of one of his concerts. During his break for “Summer Love” the singer usually ensues in a little conversation with the crowd, but what he got instead was a middle finger. Timberlake, thrown off by the moment, stopped the concert to address the unidentified woman.

At the time Timberlake said, “you got second row to flip me the bird? That makes no f***ing sense.” When the fan admitted that she just wanted to get his attention he mocked her choice further before sharing an awkward moment with the crowd when they all decided to flip each other off. The “Rock Your Body” singer was obviously amused by the moment and admitted,”that’s also the weirdest moment I’ve ever had with a crowd. Thank you!” before resuming his concert.

Justin Timberlake’s next stop on The 20/20 Experience World Tour is in Fort Lauderdale at the BB&T Center.