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Walmart Express Challenges Dollar Stores


The world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart, recently unveiled it’s plan to battle the growing threat of dollar stores popping up around the country- a ‘mini’ version of the discount superstore called Walmart Express.

In Gentry, Arkansas last week, the first drugstore-sized Walmart Express store opened, offering a solution to customers on-the-go, 11,000 to 13,000 items, a tenth of what a typical superstore carries.

According to the Wallstreet Journal, the express stores will feature ready-to-go meals and other essentials that the regular store carries, including toilet paper, DVDs, stationary, prepaid phones, etc. There is also a pharmacy located in the express stores.

It’s no secret that Walmart’s business has been chipped away by conveniently located dollar stores which are a god-send in a time of high gas prices.

To combat this, U.S. stores chief Bill Simon reveals that Wal-Mart plans on opening 90 to 100 of the express stores by January 2012 and an additional 200 by fiscal 2013.

The third Walmart Express was scheduled to open today in North Carolina.

Here’s to crushing the hopes of Small Business owners throughout the nation.

via ABCnews

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37 Responses to “Walmart Express Challenges Dollar Stores”

  1. Karen Wolfe

    why would wal mart want to challenge the dollar stores when wal mart is supposed to or braggs about it haveing the lowest prices anyway? wal mart sells made in china

  2. Anonymous

    If you buy at WALMART………WALGREENS……………..WALMART EXPRESS…………….remember to look at the LABELS…………take a look at where the product was MADE!

  3. Philippe Robichaux

    Just a interesting fact. WAL GREENS IS NOT NOT NOT NOT OWNED BY WAL MART. The only thing they have in common is "WAL"

  4. Jeff Martin

    I told my brother a long time ago, that walmart would make those giant super stores and then take over the small stores with things like this. Next there will be even smaller 7/11 or am pm sized stores, so they cant take over that market to.

  5. Anonymous

    Great now we get to see the "people of wal mart express".

  6. Kathy Harrison

    Walmart is doing a back step, they have been the giant for so long, with the supercenters and just gobbling up all your money, now they want to down scale because people are going elsewhere, ppl this is just ploy to make them look better-like it matters what you think….wake up and smell the carpet!

  7. Darlene Clark

    they can't wake up because they are brainwashed into believing whatever Walmart says is true.

  8. Ariel Ingram

    So Wal-Mart took over all the small stores to combine then into one massive shopping center where you stand in line for 15 minutes to buy a gallon of milk and a package of toilet paper. Now it's going back to the smaller, often more convenient size. Uhh… Think I'll stick with my Dollar Gen.

  9. Virginia Holmes

    We shop at dollar store more than walmart. Hate going to walmart.

  10. Kathy Harrison

    this is so true,great marketing at ppls exspense,I see the ads, as you all do-like they are all about being friendly,like that happens the 2 times a year that I go there,went for a bike awhile back(we don`t sell bikes) and the girl had no clue about her dept-was suprised that I even found someone….

  11. Anonymous

    someone stole my idea I was thinking bout this 3 or 4 yrs old Damn!

  12. Deb Vaughn

    Pointless…unless there is information missing from this story…because people shop at dollar stores for the DOLLAR prices…not because they are small and convenient. In my area the dollar store is practically across the street from the superwalmart. people go to one, the other, or both, as they choose. This won't challenge dollar stores…but it MIGHT challenge Casey's, Quick Trip, etc.

  13. Anonymous

    I bet everything will not be a dollar. They are running scarred as they thought they had every one under their thumb and they do have a lot. Maybe a few people are waking up to seeing everything is made in China at Walmart. While they are laid off & getting unemployment and wondering where there next dollar is coming from when unemployment is gone.I would rather work 2 jobs & pay more than shop at Walmart.So keep going to Walmart and are homeless& no unemployment say I WONDER WHY;BUT KEEP SHOPPING AT WALMART. MAYBE US WORKING PEOPLE WILL REBEL AND HAVE THE GOVERNMENT STOP THE WELFARE.STOP CHINA IMPORTS and maybe this country will create some JOBS.

  14. Jamie Sandifer

    The point of 1.00 stores is that everything is a dollar, and unless these Expresses are going to match that, then what's the freekin pnt, its not the size of walmart that makes me not want to go there, its the employees, and then prices.

  15. Marcina Egedegbe

    no theyre not. many small towns across America ONLY have a walmart to shop at. Walmart is building these smaller stores to compete in urban areas where dollar stores, family dollars, etc dominate. Walmart finally realized that ppl inner city are not going out to the burbs to shop (where most walmarts are located) and staying close to home where they find similar products at equally low prices. maybe finally walmart realized that bigger is not better 😉

  16. Kate Suiter

    What it comes down to is Walmart is hurting for business.. they got too big for their own britches after the o riginal owner died and his kids took over – raising prices, limited items to buy (i.e. purses = I know 😛 ) So now, rather than say "oops, we goofted.." and lower prices, they do this. It is like govt business.. spend more money (to open the walmart expresses) to make money.

  17. Kate Suiter

    If they fixed problems in the Walmart stores, they wouldn't need Walmart express.

  18. Karen Wolfe

    how many people do i know..and have come across..over time..that work there or have worked at wal mart and don't get treated like humans at all..but rather ..slaves. they are made promises for promotions..honestly..and never get them.

  19. Kate Suiter

    That's why Trish quit her job there.. she was promised a position in the deli and never got it.

  20. Karen Wolfe

    Kathy..I believe wal mart has been grinding our noses plus the noses of a lot of it's employees in the caret for so long..we have nose burn.

  21. April Fetters

    I just don't understand the greed. if walmart is becoming desperate, why are they building stores in Africa, Mexico, and all over the world? it's got to be greed..nothing else makes sense.

  22. Justine Dilberian

    Gentry isn't exactly inner city…..just saying.

  23. Leo Kling Jr

    hey screw walmart , dollar general is king in louisiana not idont care if they build 1000 stores they cant compete with dollar general.

  24. Valerie Bogar

    This is really scary. Has anyone seen that South Park episode about Walmart. It was funny but true in a lot of ways.

  25. Valerie Bogar

    This is very scary u guys…very scary…walmart is everywhere literally…I hope I don't have nightmares about this store.

  26. Isaiah N Michelle

    I think Wal-Mart needs to stop trying to take over the world don't they know monopoly is illegal why don't the government put a stop to this!

  27. Christopher Líbbý

    Well, yes and no @Marcina. Wal-Mart has long faced opposition here in Chicago, so to get around the "ban" on Wal-Mart stores they're building smaller Walmart Express locations here.

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