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‘The Walking Dead’ Actress Emily Kinney Dishes On ‘Expired Love’

The Walking Dead actress and aspiring folk singer Emily Kinney knows it’s all about the title. That much is evident with the release of Kinney’s latest CD, called Expired Love.

Known for her role as Beth on AMC’s blockbuster zombie show, the title could refer just as easily to her character’s storyline as much as much as her own. But, as she discussed in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, The Walking Dead actress can separate the facts from the fiction and draw inspiration from her real life:

“On Expired Love, my inspiration has been trying to hold on to good moments in relationships and also move on,” she told the magazine. “For me, writing is so much a place where I can be really, really honest.”

The Walking Dead star elaborates further on the title, Expired Love, and how it relates to relationships gone wrong:

“Sometimes in relationships that don’t work out, you feel like you weren’t heard or you weren’t [understood]. For me, writing is being able to say something exactly how I want to say it and not worry if it hurts someone’s feelings.”