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Iranian Officials Are Beating Detained Americans Says Freed Hiker

Sarah Shroud

Sarah Shourd, one of the hikers who was freed from captivity in Iran after it was determined by that countries officials that she was not in fact a spy has begun speaking out about the beatings that the remaining two American detainees have suffered.

Speaking to the BBC she says in one case hiker Josh Fattal was thrown down a flight of stairs after he was caught taking extra food, while in another cause a guard beat Shane Bauer’s head against a wall until he began bleeding from the head.

Speaking to CNN Shourd added:

“My worst fear is that they’re not safe” and “They don’t have consular access, they’re not allowed to see their lawyer, and we fear the worst.”

After all of the detainees went on a five-day hungry strike because they were separated she says Iranian guards reunited them but only for “maybe two minutes.”

Since Iran will not allow the detainees to meet with outside council their exact circumstances are not known.

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5 Responses to “Iranian Officials Are Beating Detained Americans Says Freed Hiker”

  1. Amberal Whiste

    And just who is this JAMES JOHNSON? Never heard of you. Shon Meckfessel posted this slop on his twitter page, talk about getting to the bottom of the barrel. First of JOHNSON, Tell me where you got this news flash?"one of the hikers who was freed from captivity in Iran after it was determined by that countries officials that she was not in fact a spy " haha! Listen you dufus This was never determined by any authority in IRAN ,… Shourd was released, on BAIL with her written promise to return, due to the sick card of breast lummp and pre cancerous cell.s , HUMANITARIAN GROUNDS both of which seemed to disappear as soon as her size nines hit the pave in NY at that news conference, where she stated the doctors told her she was "perfectly fine"..Bail is not freedom. Iran stated if Shourd does not return to face the charges, the trial will be delayed, and so it was, for a third time due to NO SHOW SHOURD! These people concerned need to get off their pathetic Rolling hunger strike and buy a ticket for this Shourd , other than to England, but to IRAN to man up and be the FEMMIE she tells everyone she is and truly go the distance for the 2 she claims to love so..STOP THE SPIN.

  2. Amberal Whiste

    The four mistook simple politeness in Iraq, such as a mere greeting as is the custom there to everyone they pass by, for total love for them So wrong, USA Jews in a land they felt they could just make themselves at home in. This is the Berkley way. Rude to awake to the fact you were watched all the time you were there, The woman in Shorts and sandals , feeling she was the coolest thing to ever tread upon the ground in Iraq. Wrong. You 4 must be the dummest Jewishsh ameeericans ever, if not the stupidest CIA spies to date. Now you want USA to bail you out…Forget that, you buried all your chances at the last court date, as Iran let just enough of the words from Bauer's mouth leak out , enough to have the USA gov. run from you like a house on fire. Way to go dummies. Grab your crystals and try to get used to not chewing Quat. I say the 4 will never have the chance to step one foot in the Middle East ever again. And rightly so!

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