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‘Balloon Boy’ Balloon For Sale: $1,000,000

Balloon boy balloon for sale

Remember the kid who supposedly went flying around in his dad’s big silver weather balloon? Well apparently ‘Balloon Boy’ is back with his UFO-looking mode of transportation, but this time it’s to sale it.

Richard Heene, balloon boy’s father and man who planned the whole original hoax, is auctioning off the balloon and the current bid is a measly one million dollars. Before you start huffing and puffing though, Heene is donating one hundred percent of the profits to Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims.

“If we can help those people suffering from the tsunami, that would be a good thing to do,” said Heene.

In addition to aiding tsunami victims the family said they also want to get rid of the negative feeling that is attached to the saucer itself. After all, after the world learned that the original ‘balloon boy’ stunt was a hoax, Richard Heene was charged with a felony and even served jail time.

“For us, we can move on,” he said. “The energy of the old flying saucer is gone.”

If you would like to bid on the saucer or just see what the auction ends at, check out the official website.

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2 Responses to “‘Balloon Boy’ Balloon For Sale: $1,000,000”

  1. Ken Rowland

    Let's see how they try and define "profits". I'll bet they will claim lots of expenses along the way before that first check goes to Japan.

  2. Johnson Powers

    yep I guarentee that he will claim 950,000 thousand as the cost after expenses! What a douchbag and that's insulting doushbags everywhere lol.

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