Justin Bieber Urged To Get Professional Help In Rehab By Friends And Family, Says Source

Justin Bieber Needs Rehab? Friends And Family Allegedly Urge Him To Get Help

Does Justin Bieber need rehab? Given the turbulence now engulfing the star, at this point it can’t be ruled out and there is no shame in getting professional help if it’s needed.

The singer’s friends and family are urging him to enter rehab to get counsel and treatment for behavioral issues and recreational drug use, according to a Radar Online report.

However, a source stressed to the outlet there are no immediate plans for Justin to check into a rehab facility.

The 19-year-old – whose Calabasas, CA home was raided Tuesday by Los Angeles police looking for evidence connected to an egg-throwing incident at his neighbor’s house – has been urged to consider the step by those closest to him who are “deeply concerned” and want him to get “help,” the insider added.

Citing a source Mail Online adds, “People around Justin want the best for him and hope that at some point he’ll recognize the need for some help.”

Drugs Found During Justin Bieber House Raid

A massive operation to retrieve home security video surveillance and possible egging-related evidence from Bieber’s property saw 12 investigators, 9 patrol cars, 4 helicopters, and even a battering ram, descend on the celebrity-dense The Oaks enclave at 8 am.

E! News reports a law enforcement source said the Canadian was woken up by police as they arrived, before being detained with seven others found inside the house while detectives searched the sprawling residence.

During the raid, the rapper Xavier “Lil Za” Smith was arrested on suspicion of felony drug possession after substances now thought to be MDMA, a form of ecstasy more commonly known as “Molly,” and possibly Xanax were found in a bedroom used by the 20-year-old.

“It was right in our face,” Lt. David Thompson, the lead detective in the felony vandalism and assault investigation, told the New York Daily News. He said testing of the drugs is still ongoing.

After posting bail on the drug charges, Lil Za was later re-arrested and booked for felony vandalism while at the Lost Hills sheriff station after he allegedly damaged a holding cell wall phone. His initial $20,000 bail was reportedly then reset to around $70,000.

Over the past 12 months, Bieber’s exploits have hit headlines with worrying frequency. On January 4, 2013, pictures surfaced online of the then 18-year-old apparently smoking pot with a group of other youngsters in a Newport Beach hotel room. Radar notes a source at the time said his camp were “livid” about his growing problem.

The “Baby” star apologized ‘in character’ during a Saturday Night Live skit on February 9 in an episode he guest hosted, and the world moved on.

However, in March during the London leg of Bieber’s Believe world tour, a string of erratic incidents such a one and a half late start to his four night run at the 02 Arena, a backstage fainting spell, and an expletive-filled clash with a photog outside a hotel, preceded months of increasingly concerning behavior.

The following month, Stockholm police spokesman Lars Bystrom told the Associated Press a small amount of drugs and a stun gun were discovered on Bieber’s tour bus after a security guard reported marijuana wafted from it prompted a search.

Speculation over the singer’s giggly appearance in his first Instagram video set off further “stoned” rumors in June.

In September, a pilot hired to transport Bieber and a group of pals in a private jet claimed the singer appeared high when he turned up to depart in an SUV allegedly filled with marijuana smoke.

An image of the singer with a female purported to be the songstress, Ariana Grande, popped up online in October but was slammed by sources as Photoshopped.

Fast forward to November 24, during a final tour leg, one of Bieber’s entourage was arrested in Brisbane, Australia, after airport sniffer dogs detected marijuana in his baggage.

On December 17, TMZ reported Justin emerged from a smoke-filled vehicle when he arrived at the Burbank, Los Angeles, Power 106 radio station for a guest spot to promote his latest Journals album and then upcoming Believe film.

Amid these reports, others citing “sluggish, lazy” performances from Bieber during some of his tour shows, angry encounters with paparazzi, visits to a brothel and a strip club, peeing into a New York restaurant mop bucket, underage drinking, alleged reckless driving, battery, and random alleged disputes with two deejays, have added to a mounting view there may be deeper reasons in play than “brattishness” for the pop prince’s troubles.

Now caught up in the crosshairs of a police egging investigation that could see him charged with felony vandalism and even imprisoned if evidence leads to charges by the L.A. District Attorney’s Office, it wouldn’t be surprising if Bieber feels as if the walls are closing in.

Into the mix of this tension, a source told E! News the singer is “really worried” about what police might find on his iPhone seized during the raid. Investigators confiscated it to see if he sent text messages after allegedly egging his neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz’s residence on Thursday, January 9, causing a reported estimated $20,000 in damages.

TMZ allege the singer is stressed about [hypothetical] naked photographs or references to drugs being leaked. Their report prompted a clear statement from Lt. Thompson yesterday.

“He doesn’t have to worry about drug talk or naked pictures. It’s pretty widely known the kid smokes weed. A search warrant based on drug talk is not going to happen,” he told the New York Daily News.

“And the whole world has naked pictures on their phones. With Justin Bieber – at his level – it might be people we know, so it might be a concern for him. But he doesn’t have to worry.”

Justin Bieber's Phone Was Confiscated During Cop Raid! What Will They Find??!

The detective added, “We’re looking for images or information related to the egging. Nothing else is getting out. It’s safe in the hands of law enforcement.”

Affirming “We’re not doing some big sting,” Lt. Thompson declared, “We didn’t go opening containers and pulling out drawers. This was about the egging.”

Thompson also said investigators are not sure whether the seized surveillance security video “covers the time of the alleged egging.” Amateur video of an expletive-filled dispute between Schwartz and an unseen male – allegedly Bieber – and photographs of smashed eggs at the scene have already been booked into evidence.

As to the question of rehab, it has helped numerous stars during stormy periods.

Names such as Britney Spears, Zac Efron, Robert Downey Jr., Ke$ha, Lindsay Lohan, Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Butler, Kelly Osbourne, Mischa Barton, Ronnie Wood, Steven Tyler, Eva Mendes, Kirsten Dunst, Richie Sambora, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Eddie Van Halen, also Keith Urban, Robin Williams, and many more have made the jump.

While noting Justin Bieber hasn’t yet been charged with a crime in connection with the egg-throwing incident, if rehab is what he needs it is to be hoped he will be supported in that by the wider public. The tragic example of the late Cory Monteith should give those rounding accusations and insults at a teenager – no matter how rich or famous – pause for thought.

Justin Bieber May Need Rehab