Justin Bieber Snapped At Brazil Brothel, Reasons Now Given [Report]

Pictures of Justin Bieber emerging from the Centauros brothel in Rio de Janeiro underneath a bed sheet on Friday, November 1 are not being denied.

On Friday, the New York Post and Page Six reported sources said the Canadian star and a friend spent more than three hours inside Centauros. Exiting with his familiar bodyguards who reportedly sprayed water at tipped-off paps waiting outside, the 19-year-old’s left wrist tattoo was captured in photographs.

The reports added Justin got into the back seat of a waiting vehicle while two females alleged to be from the brothel were driven in a separate transport back to the “Heartbreaker” star’s hotel.

It all sounds (and looks) very clandestine and X-rated but explanations for Bieber’s visit to one of Brazil’s most famous sex-destinations have since been provided to several outlets.

A source close to the situation told Gossip Cop, “It was a members’ only club and he was invited by friends.”

Mail Online were told something very similar by an insider who said, “Justin had been forced out of his hotel by the huge amount of fans that had gathered outside making it impossible for him to go in and out as he pleased so he planned to go to a private members club.”

In addition, a report by Brazilian news website EGO claiming Bieber and his tour crew were “kicked” out of the Copacabana Palace hotel in Southern Rio for “breaking rules” — sources apparently claim the group were taking drugs, partying and disturbing other hotel guests — have been denied.

Insiders told Gossip Cop, Page Six and Mail Online that Justin left the hotel because of the massive fan presence at the hotel being considered a “security risk.” Reports of hundreds of fans storming the singer’s hotel on Friday corroborate that statement.

It’s claimed the singer and his crew are now staying at a rented mansion in a gated area.

So far, so usual.

Bieber isn’t the first famous (or non-famous for that matter) male to visit a brothel and he won’t be the last. If his name was Robert Downey Jr., Jack Nicholson, Mark Walhberg, or another older star without a tween fan base, this story wouldn’t be getting so much heat.

The gist of the “members’ only” explanation appears to be Bieber didn’t visit Centauros for sex but thought it was a private club he could relax at. Considering the circus that follows him everywhere this may or may not be true. Either way, an error in judgment was made.

Regarding the hotel claims, in March it was reported Bieber and his tour were thrown out of Paris’ Hotel Le Meurice for bad behavior during a tour stop. It later transpired this was not the case and security was the issue. IQ contacted the hotel and confirmed this with a duty manager at the time.

The hotel situation in Brazil, and subsequent misreading of it, appears to be the same.

As for reasons why a teenage male packing raging hormones, who presumably has females throwing themselves at him, appears to like socializing in very adult surrounds (Panamanian rumor and his Texas strip club visit as recent examples), simply put; Bieber is now a young adult who, at times, wants to do adult things.

Wider reasons point to over eight months of crushing media scrutiny — which has seen valid and not so valid reporting — against a backdrop of a relationship breakdown, Bieber’s mistakes being played out in the full glare of the world’s lens, transitioning to adulthood while his often demanding fan base and outlets dissect his personal life, and the demands of a 15-month world tour.

That’s a lot of pressure, and with pressure comes the need for release.

Page Six reports (IQ also saw this tweet which was later deleted) Bieber took to Twitter on Saturday to comment on the furor, writing, “Please stop believing rumors, they are just that. bs rumors, getting tired of it, no truth to them. moving on now. seriously moving on.”

As yet, Justin’s rep has declined to comment.

Bieber is set to perform in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday. From there, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Mexico beckon before he kicks off the final Australasia leg of his increasingly Monty Pythonesque Believe tour.

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