Joel McHale Goes Off On Justin Bieber: ‘Because He’s A F–king Idiot,’ Fair Or Not? [Video]

Justin Bieber got a shout out from Joel McHale on Conan last night, and not in a good way.

The Community star ripped into the Canadian singer when O’Brien asked a question that’s probably being kicked around countless water coolers, namely: “Why is one of the most affluent stars in the world right now throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house?”

Bearing in mind that Conan aired just hours after a dramatic Los Angeles police search at Bieber’s Calabasas, California home looking for evidence to connect him to an egg-throwing mess at his neighbor’s house, McHale’s New York Minute reply was perhaps inevitable:

“Because he’s a f–king idiot,” he fired back.

McHale’s less-than-flattering view of Bieber produced big laughs, which continued when The Soup host offered hypotheticals as to why he thought the teen superstar allegedly carried out the residential egg assault.

“I feel like he’s got all those guys around him. He’s just running out of things to do,” he mused.

He added,

“He’s so rich and so successful that he’s probably like, ‘Well, what do you want to do?’ and they’re like, ‘Let’s shave a dog. What do you want to do? We’ve done everything else.'”

At this point in the proceedings, Conan interjected Bieber’s alleged egging might be down to that old chestnut: boredom.

To which McHale deadpanned, “Yeah, I hope I get to that point in my career. I feel he’s got to do some toilet papering of a tree of some sort, leave the dog poop on fire. It’s weird that he’s going back to pranks from 1950.”

More laughter.

While McHale, O’Brien, and evidently Los Angeles’ police are ready to throw the book at the Biebs, the pop singer has received some support over what some see an overkill move by authorities in response to an alleged act.

Kylie Jenner took to Twitter yesterday to express her outrage over the 11 patrol cars, four helicopters, 12 investigators’ turn out at the 19-year-old’s home.

The reality TV star retweeted a series of messages posted by Justin’s music producer pal, Maejor Ali, who blasted the massive police presence. The sequence read:

Most likely responding to flak she received on Twitter over her view of the Bieber bust, Kylie posted two tweets of her own.

“I never thought my friends would actually attack someone in the same position as me and my family,” she tweeted, before adding, “Not on your team no more.”

The Kardashian clan member was joined in her topical slam by Fashion Police co-host, Kelly Osbourne, who observed:

Over to you McHale.

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