Chicago teenager decapitates aunt's boyfriend

Chicago Teenager Decapitates Aunt’s Boyfriend For Being Told To Move Out

A Chicago teenager decapitated his aunt’s boyfriend after he was told to move out. We all get angry with family at times, but most of us don’t take it that far.

Usually when we reach the age of 18, we can’t wait to move out on our own. Alexis Valdez became angry when he was asked to leave the Northwest Side apartment where his aunt and her boyfriend were living.

Attorney Kingsley Sawyers said that Valdez had moved into the apartment six months ago, and had agreed to go to school, work, and help out with the expenses. Then Valdez eventually stopped working, and as a result, he was asked to leave the apartment. His aunt had left to attend a party on Christmas Eve, and Valdez started drinking. In his intoxicated state, he had allegedly become violently angry.

Silvestri Diaz (or Sylvester Diaz-Hernandez) had come home at some point to go with Valdez to buy more beer. The Chicago teenager allegedly struck him on the head with a hammer, knocking him out and killing him. Then he proceeded to start cutting up the body, severing his ears and nose, pulling out his eyes, and slicing him from his throat to his pelvis. Alexis Valdez had played loud music to conceal his actions, and eventually became exhausted.

Valdez had left the morbid Christmas Eve “present” on his aunt’s bed, but hadn’t left the scene. Her boyfriend’s decapitated head was found after Valdez had called 911 to report a murder. According to Sawyers, Valdez had been asked if he had tried CPR when “the defendant laughed and told the 911 operator that the victim had been decapitated.”

The police arrived and discovered Diaz’s mutilated body, and Valdez covered in blood. At this point, Valdez had admitted to the murder. His attorney stated, “The defendant also admitted that he was angry with his aunt and the victim, and that if his aunt had come home and seen the victim’s body, then he would have killed her as well.”

Authorities did not release any further information, and didn’t specify whether Diaz had been decapitated or killed first.

The Chicago teenager, having had no previous criminal record, was arrested and charged with one count of first-degree murder. He is being held without bond.