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Miley Cyrus Wears Fur Coat During Jingle Ball Performance, Twitter Gets Angry

Miley Cyrus recently faced a considerable amount of backlash from fans and detractors on social media when she decided to wear a bulky fur coat during her appearance at Miami’s Jingle Ball last Friday (December 20).

Since donning this sort of outfit isn’t exactly in good taste, it didn’t take long before folks decided to express their outrage about her extremely questionable decision. A plethora of unhappy tweets are embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Friday’s performance at the BB&T Center in Miami wasn’t the first time Cyrus’ fur coat made an appearance onstage. Perez Hilton reports that the controversial outfit appeared during her visit to Jingle Ball in Washington D.C. on Monday. Apparently, the backlash isn’t forcing the singer to change her mind.

Although she made an appearance at Jingle Ball shows in Miami and Washington, folks in Boston were reportedly a little upset that the singer never hit the stage. Although KISS FM claimed Cyrus was only moments away from taking the stage, she was actually stranded in New York city. Fans were understandably a little upset, prompting one to start a petition for refunds.

The petition reads:

“KISS didn’t have anyone come out in person and explain the situation or apologize. It was very unprofessional and I’m not sure why they lied and said she was there at the beginning of the concert. Probably so people wouldn’t leave when they found out that it looked like the headliner couldn’t make it. Needless to say the audience was disappointed when they heard the announcement. Some kids and even some teenagers were in tears.”

According to the Daily Mail, Miley Cyrus and her fur coat weren’t the only things stirring controversy in recent days. Beyonce recently decided to issue a thinly-veiled message to the “Wrecking Ball” singer over her frequent references to “popping molly.”

“I don’t pop molly,” Beyonce wrote in an Instagram post. The singer, who recently dropped a surprise album, certainly doesn’t need any help in the “not stopping” department.

Check out some unhappy Twitter reactions to Cyrus’ fur coat.

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