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PS4 Vs Xbox One: Sales, Specs Point To Sony As Clear Winner

PS4 vs Xbox One console war win goes to Sony

The PS4 vs Xbox One console war is in full force now, and the winner after the console release and Holiday sales appears to be Sony once again. Microsoft just destroyed its image with too many gamers before the launches.

Pre-release hype made Microsoft look indecisive, as they reversed policies and then reconfirmed those policies. Sony simply kept their mouths shut and let Microsoft shoot themselves in the foot.

PS4 sales proved about the same as the Xbox One at release time, both hampered by technical issues that mostly proved fixable. However, the Xbox One sales were based in 13 markets, while the PS4 sales were based only in the US and Canada. The UK has reported since then that the PlayStation 4 is selling much stronger than the Xbox One, and that puts the win in Sony’s pocket after the Holiday boom. The PS4 vs Xbox One score looks like a strong win for Sony in sales.

The next issue where Sony appears to be the clear winner is the ability to swap out the hard drive. While the PlayStation 4 was built to have it swapped out, the Xbox One takes some tinkering and hacking, which could easily take hours just to finish. Even then, there is no guarantee that you won’t make a mistake and brick the console trying. Microsoft clearly doesn’t want anyone swapping out the hard drive, which is bad for them. With Call of Duty: Ghosts weighing in at 43GB, and further games only going to get bigger, a 500GB hard drive just isn’t going to be big enough after a year or so. You will need more hard drive space if you plan on grabbing a lot of download deals.

Sony once again pulls the win in the PS4 vs Xbox One console war.

Games need to be installed now, and the install time is another win in Sony’s pocket. Xbox One, even offline, takes several times as long to install the same game as the PlayStation 4. You could attribute this to a more powerful console, but Xbox One still has install times that aren’t any improvement over its predecessor. Combine that with the Xbox One’s need to update every game, and PS4 gamers will probably be past the intro tutorial at the very least before Xbone gamers can even start playing.

The games themselves aren’t generally a win either way. Graphically the next gen games are about equal, with little difference between an upscaled 720p and 1080p. The only exclusives we have so far aren’t the best games we’ve seen. The Xbox One has Titanfall on its way … without a single-player option, alienating the lone wolf players. The PlayStation 4 has Flower, but that’s not technically a game. Just about all of the must-play games on either console can be played on consoles most of us already own. The PS4 vs Xbox One console war comes to a disappointing tie when it comes to the games themselves.

The PlayStation 4 is just a generally better console after most of the Holiday dust has settled.

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31 Responses to “PS4 Vs Xbox One: Sales, Specs Point To Sony As Clear Winner”

  1. Devlin Skahill

    funny.. cause the ps4s were sitting on the shelves till black Friday while the Xbox's were all gone pretty much since day one.. cough.. biased article.. cough..

  2. Kevin Alfeo Alexander

    Bullshit biased article. Xbox One is selling extremely well and is still popular amongst everyone except Sony trolls.

    Check any online store.
    Walmart – Sold out
    Target – Sold out
    Gamestop – Sold out
    Amazon – Sold out
    Sony fanboys trolls – Still crying and b!tching

  3. Tim Green

    These are specs?.. can I find a website that tells all the fkn details and not just some one sided fool tellin me how many they sold in some places.. this article is garbage.

  4. Jacob Tye

    Xbox sucks. I'm ashamed to admit that I bought the original Xbox. I won't make another Xbox mistake again. Xbox just wants to spy on you. I'm a proud owner of a PS3, ps2, ps1, PSP, and ps vita and I'm definitely getting the amazing ps4.

  5. Joshua Lee Buch

    Lmao wow look at all the xbot fanboys butt raging that their console was a failure. Microsoft has made crappy and cheaply made systems from day one that either overheat easily or just plain out fail and brick. And to the ignorant people commenting saying "OH MISINFORMATION", please go look up the hardware and specs of the consoles, the fps run times (xbone has had a slower fps rating on every game I've seen that's xplatform), and how much wasted space that is in the xbox one. The ps4 has better hardware and better architecture. Get rekt fanboys.

  6. Dwane Wilson


    The reason why you play playstation more is that you are too cheap to spend, $9.00/mth to enjoy xbox live. Try to avoid, "1" visit a month to….here we go….(Mc Donald's, Wendy's, Long John silvers, Arby's, Whata burger, taco bell, taco beuno, etc! ) AND SPEND THE MONEY ON A DEDICATED GAMING NETWORK THAT IS XBOX LIVE.

    Also, do you like the fact that when you, "fire" to shoot someone, you have to use the right bumper to shoot….very intuitive (NOT!), the last time I went to a gun range, I actually had to pull a trigger! Hence! the Xbox controller is just! It mimics pulling a trigger! The PS controller (right paddle) will NEVER make sense!

    If you actually have an Xbox 360 and, I doubt, you have an Xbox account, I would like to hear your position on how PS is better than Xbox. Here is my gamer tag on Xbox live: Brainfreeze98. I wait to hear more from you.

  7. Dwane Wilson

    Wow! I really hope you were high or drunk when you posted this response. I do not know the extent of your education, but you really should try to, at the least, have some sentence structure. I realize this is just a forum to express our thoughts. But what am I to think when I read, "Lmao wow look at all the xbot fanboys butt raging that their console was a failure."

    I, like most, fear for my future. Please read the aforementioned content and tell me you can do better?!

    Also, in your broken statement, "xbone has had a slower fps rating on every game I've seen that's xplatform".

    This statement is unfounded! If this is a quote from an article, I highly suggest you support it with a, viable reference (hyperlink). Please respond and give me your resource.

  8. Dwane Wilson

    As you should. Please NEVER purchase an XBOX ONE. The gaming world will be a better place you if remain on the PS platform.

  9. Dwane Wilson

    The bottom line is whether you favor the, "PS4" or the, ""Xbox One", we all benefit. Buy the console you wish to own and live with it, and enjoy! If you enjoy PS over Xbox, who cares!? No one is going to sway the my opinion from Xbox, as I am not going to sway my brother from PS. It is what it is, and we all get to enjoy the games. This next generation of games will be awesome.

  10. Michael Cox

    Danny Robertson Actually, Dwane here just made the most intelligent comment I've seen on this entire article. You could just admit you don't have something better to say.

  11. Joshua Lee Buch

    Dwane Wilson Just because you're a middle aged man who hasn't done anything with his life and has a facebook so he can complain about things and defend his POS console doesn't mean I'm the problem. You clearly were able to understand everything I wrote and it's the internet. Also you're a top commenter so I see that all you do all day is sit on the internet and whine. Thank you for inspiring me to make sure I don't end up this pathetic when I'm your age and lead a more successful life. Jk, I already do. Get bent.

  12. Joshua Lee Buch

    Michael Cox Lol you're a brony moron without friends and butthurt. get rekt.

  13. Joshua Lee Buch

    Michael Cox Lol look it's Dwane's buttbuddy brony. Bronies: a place for people without friends.

  14. Michael Cox

    And you're a troll and a faggot whose sole purpose in life is to never have a girlfriend and die never having had an idea what happiness is.

  15. Kevin Gutierrez

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  16. Kevin Gutierrez

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  17. Dwane Wilson

    Josh, contrary to your view of me, I have done something with my life, I have a, BS in computer science from the, University of Texas. I am doing quite well. You are young, and you have your opinions. If you go back and read my initial response. Both Sony and MS make decent gaming systems. We should all be thankful there is a healthy competition. I respect your passion.

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