PS4 Hard Drive Not Big Enough? Swap It Out. Here’s How [Video]

The PS4 hard drive is 500GB, but in the long run that might not be enough. If you’re the type of gamer who downloads and installs a lot of games, you will probably want a larger capacity hard drive.

Next gen games now clock in at almost 50GB apiece, and they are only going to get bigger as developers learn to use the capabilities better. Look at the difference between PlayStation 3 launch titles and Grand Theft Auto V. That’s a pretty massive leap in technology on one console, and we can expect that to happen again with the PlayStation 4.

A hard drive only capable of handling 500GB (which computer geeks will tell you is the capacity and not the amount you can actually use of it) is going to fill up fast with PS4 games. For the long run, you should consider buying a replacement PS4 hard drive which can handle multiple terabytes.

Much like the PlayStation 3, the PS4’s hard drive is made to be swapped out for any commercially available laptop hard drive on the market. The only requirements are the physical size, which must be no bigger than 9.5mm, and a minimum of 160GB.

The first thing you need to do is put the PS4 firmware on a USB flash drive of at least a 1GB capacity. Make sure it’s thin enough to fit where it’s needed in the front of the console, and download the PS4 firmware onto it. If you have anything you want to keep on the original hard drive, you will want the sync cable to transfer it to the new one.

Next, you need to slip the glossy black portion off the top of the console, which is surprisingly easy. After you have it off, you should see the basic framework, with the hard drive at the front of the console. Use a Philips screwdriver and take out the screw with the PlayStation button symbols on it holding the tray in. Slide the tray out. Flip the tray over and take out the black screws from the sides. Insert the new hard drive label out, with the connecting ports facing outward.

Reverse the directions above to physically replace the hard drive. It should be easier than it was with the PlayStation 3, with higher quality screws. Sony has gone out of their way to make it easy to swap the PS4 hard drive out, and convenient. They don’t force you to buy an official Sony hard drive as a replacement.

We’re looking at you with that last statement, Microsoft.

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