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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding to cost $34 Million


We all knew that it would be expensive but I don’t think we realized just how expensive the wedding of Britain’s Prince William and lovely Kate Middleton was going to be.

Try $34 Million, and that’s just an estimate.

The expenses breakdown along these lines

  • Wedding ring: $11,000.00 – Prince William is forking over the money for that
  • Various receptions: $600,000.00 – being paid for by the royal family since the Queen is hosting one of them
  • Flowers: $800,000.00 – ouch!
  • Wedding gown: $434,000.00 – good thing Kate’s parents are well off since they’re paying for this
  • Wedding cake: $80,000.00 – Prince Charles is cutting the checks for both the cakes that total for this price
  • Cleaning: $64,000.00 – here’s one for the British taxpayers to open up their purses for
  • Security: #32 Million – yup you read that right and I’m betting that’s going to go over well with the taxpayers since they’ll be the ones paying.

via RadarOnline

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