Japanese Earthquake - March 11

US Navy Ready To Assist With Japan Earthquake Recovery Efforts

As a key base region for the US Navy there are currently approximately 38,000 US Troops stationed in the region alongside 43,000 US family members and almost 3,000 Department of Defense civilians, so it would make perfect sense that the US Navy is ready and willing to assist in whatever way possible with Japan Earthquake cleanup, recovery and rescue missions.

Currently the US Navy is assessing their ships for damage, while simultaneously getting ships ready to move inland to protect the fleet, while the 7th Fleet is mobilizing to provide humanitarian and medical relief to Japan.

According to CSMonitor:

These vessels are being “positioned and prepared to provide any assistance necessary,” Lapan told reporters Friday. “We are in the process of determining what the requirements are, and how we might fill them.”

The relief efforts are being undertaken by various US vessels including a command ship which is on-loading humanitarian supplies from Singapore and the USS Essex in Malaysia which is preparing to service the hardest hit area of the tsunami and earthquake.

In a stroke of what might be called luck, the US, Japanese and Malaysian forces took part in a humanitarian aid practice mission early this week, providing a plan for action in this exact type of situation.

Military assistance will more than likely come in various forms including floating medical centers aboard US Navy ships, sandbag filling to prevent flooding and providing food, blankets and other supplies deemed necessary for survival.