Husband Bulldozes Home After Catching Wife Cheating

Jealous Husband Catches Wife Cheating, Bulldozes His Own Home With SUV

A husband who caught his wife cheating decided the most reasonable response would be to destroy his own home with an SUV, and the whole incident was captured on film.

The man’s violent reaction was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday by a user named annahill3001. In the video description he said that the man went crazy after reportedly catching his wife cheating, and decided to destroy his home with an SUV.

Annahill3001 wrote:

“Caught this on the way home from work. Word is the man caught his wife cheating on him and he decided to take things into his own hands bulldozing his own home! CRAZY! THIS GUY IS A MORON!”

The video shows three people standing on the front lawn of a home while someone in a white SUV spins his tires and then takes off into the law. As one of the spectators holds the other one back, the car spins around, tearing up the lawn before accelerating straight toward the home.

The SUV crashed into a front window, destroying the home’s brick exterior and lodging itself inside the hole.

“What is this guy doing!” shouted the man, who sounded a bit like Cheech Martin. “Ohh, man, this guy’s a moron!”

At that point the commentator, who was filming from across a busy street, realized that he might want to get out of the way of the enraged husband.

“Oh my God, what is he doing?” the man shouted, then a second later came to a realization and said, “Oh, I gotta get out of here.”

The video made its way to Reddit on Wednesday, with many commenters painting the enraged husband as some sort of anti-hero, like Michael Douglas in the movie Falling Down.

“well, if they divorce you know she’s gonna take the house. why not f**k it up a little?,” wrote user thegoodonesgone.

But being the internet, there is still some doubt that the incident is actually as it’s described. Though the YouTube title described the incident as a jealous husband bulldozing his home with an SUV after catching his wife cheating, there is no independent evidence to prove that’s what the video actually shows.