When Barbara Corcoran Apologized For 'Fat-Shaming' Whoopi Goldberg on 'The View': "Wasn't Funny"

When Barbara Corcoran Apologized For 'Fat-Shaming' Whoopi Goldberg on 'The View': "Wasn't Funny"
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Back in 2021, during her appearance on the October 7 edition of The View, Shark Tank judge Barbara Corcoran made a dubious remark about Whoopi Goldberg, and it offended Anna Navarro. Corcoran was present on set, together with Goldberg, Navarro, Hostin, and Shark Tank judges Cuban and John, and they spoke about how Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede, who started the Good American denim line in 2016, made history by appearing on Shark Tank.


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During the discussion, Navarro added, "They are great jeans. They really are for everybody." Then Whoopi asked jokingly, "Well, I have to try them. Will they fit this COVID [butt]?" Right then, Hostin chimed in to assure Goldberg and said, "Yes, they will!" and Navarro agreed: "They fit this COVID (butt)." After getting approvals from her co-hosts, Goldberg went on to say, "OK, just thought I would ask... OK, if they fit three, no, two COVID butts, we'll be fine."

Corcoran then made a mean remark meant for Goldberg; she jumped in the conversation and said, "When you get finished with those jeans and decide you don't like them, give them to me—I'm going to make two pairs." Goldberg, who was 65 at the time, seemed surprised by Corcoran's words. Navarro stood up for Goldberg and said, "Wait, wait, let me just tell you something, Sara Haines and Jill Biden wore that dress already on TV."



However, Corcoran faced a lot of backlash on Twitter, and Whoopi fans quickly came to her defense. The rude statements Corcoran made about Goldberg were met with immediate disapproval on social media. People on Twitter were quick to label the comments "fat shaming." One of the fans praised Anna Navarro for standing up for Goldberg; the fan wrote, "Ana is that girl! Ride or die and I love her for it! @ananavarro said don't you come for Whoopi! Barbara Corcoran went too far. #TheView." Another Twitter user wrote, "Barbara Corcoran really tried it." 

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In response, Cocoran had to share an apology video which was captioned, "Love ya Whoopi". She said, "I just came back from The View and saw my old friend Whoopi. She has a phenomenal sense of humor, and I've known Whoopi for years. I made a joke at Whoopi's expense, which I now realize wasn't funny. For anyone who I may have offended unintentionally, I just wanted to say I really am very sorry."


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After the social media apology came out, Golberg responded by adding that she was unaffected and didn't find the joke offensive. She told TMZi, "She doesn't have to apologize, I know her. Barbara's always been funny and weird. That's who she is. It takes a lot more to offend me." As evidence of the Shark Tank star's offbeat sense of humor, Goldberg brought up the fact that she spent her 70th birthday lying in a coffin at the party. She said she's known Corcoran 'too long' for a joke like that to bother her, the celebrity continued, before revealing that they've been friends for the last 25 years.

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