Trump Mocked For Calling Biden ‘Cognitively Impaired’ and Confusing Obama For The President

Trump Mocked For Calling Biden ‘Cognitively Impaired’ and Confusing Obama For The President
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During a speech at the D.C. Pray Vote Stand Summit in Washington, D.C. on Friday,  September 15 night, former President Donald Trump launched into a fervent critique of President Joe Biden, laced with several errors and misstatements. According to The Guardian, Trump's remarks painted a grim picture of the current president's leadership but also featured inaccuracies that require correction.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Chip Somodevilla
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Chip Somodevilla

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In his speech, Trump declared, "We have a man who is totally corrupt and the worst president in the history of our country, who is cognitively impaired … we would be in World War 2 very quickly if we’re going to be relying on this man." It seems that Trump may have intended to convey the idea that under Biden's leadership, the country could be plunged into World War 3. However, this assertion is not only factually incorrect as we are currently in the year 2023, long past the end of World War II in 1945.

Hilarity ensued when Trump, who is three years younger than President Biden, raised concerns about a potential Biden reelection, warning that it would result in an unprecedented and catastrophic war scenario. He stated, "There will never be a war if that happens— there will never be a war like this. It will obliterate everything there is, everybody, it will obliterate every country."



In the course of his speech, Trump made another notable mistake when he seemed to suggest that he is surpassing former President Barack Obama in the 2024 election polls. He stated, "As you know, crooked Joe Biden and the radical left thugs have weaponized law enforcement to arrest their leading political opponent, and leading by a lot, including Obam— I’ll tell you what," before abruptly shifting his focus. It is pertinent to note that Barack Obama served two terms as president from 2008 to 2016 and is not currently a candidate for the 2024 election.

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Biden's age has been a recurring subject of discussion leading up to the 2024 election cycle. Biden himself has addressed this concern, suggesting that his age brings wisdom, stating, "I think there is one thing that comes with age if you’re being honest about it your whole life, and that is some wisdom." White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has also addressed questions about Biden's age, emphasizing his legislative accomplishments as evidence of his ability to govern effectively.

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In a recent post remembering the horrors of 9/11 Trump shared his sympathies with the victims but later got caught in controversies for his speech. However, this time, his speech, while highly critical of President Biden, contained factual inaccuracies. As the 2024 presidential election cycle unfolds, it remains imperative that political discourse be based on facts and a fair representation of the issues at hand.

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