Here's Why 'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry's Fans Feel 'So Bad' for 6-Year-Old Lux

Here's Why 'Teen Mom' Star Kailyn Lowry's Fans Feel 'So Bad' for 6-Year-Old Lux
Cover Image Source: (inset): Instagram | @kaillowry

Kailyn Lowry is renowned for her appearance on the reality television series Teen Mom 2, which propelled her to fame. Lowry was known to have a vibrant, peppy personality and was beloved by fans of the show. In more recent times, though, the mother of five was speculated to have been pregnant after fans on various platforms shared hints, including her baggy clothes, about her pregnancy. All of it was true, and Lowry finally confirmed the news—that she was expecting twins with her boyfriend, Elijah Scott—last month. Lowry even shared a throwback video of Lux reacting to her pregnancy announcement, but some fans weren't so 'happy' about his reaction, as reported by The U.S.Sun.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Tibrina Hobson
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Tibrina Hobson

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The mom of soon-to-be seven took to TikTok on Wednesday to share an adorable throwback video featuring her son Lux’s reaction to breaking the news of her pregnancy; the same video was also reposted on Instagram. Lowry appeared to be truly excited and nervous as she pointed the camera at a dazed Lux. The six-year-old boy seemed to have been warmly snuggled up in a fuzzy blanket while napping when his mom brought the camera a little closer to him. She first asked her son if he knew any twins, to which he responded in question, “Usos? The Usos?” 

Image Source: Instagram |  @kaillowry
Image Source: Instagram | @kaillowry


With him still visibly sleepy, Lux looked up and urged her to continue. Lowry soon revealed that he was going to be a big brother to two little children who were soon to arrive. Although Lux looked perplexed at first, he gave himself time to process the news. He asked in innocent confusion if Lowry truly, at that very moment, had 'twins in her belly.'


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Lowry happily affirmed to her son that there were indeed two babies growing in her belly. After taking note of her son’s reaction, Lowry asked if Lux was curious about the gender of the children—whether they were little sisters, brothers, or a brother and a sister. To this, Lux had an answer ready as he speedily said, “One of each.” This earned a light chuckle from his mother, who seemed thoroughly thrilled about his reaction.


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As their conversation progressed, Lux emphasized his concerns for Lowry, claiming that she’d now need an extra set of hands. He said in realization, “Wait, Mom… Now we’re gonna have seven kids!!!” Lowry’s youngest went on to divide which sibling would handle each baby to help out their mother. Lux referred to his 13-year-old brother and said, “Issac’s gonna have to take care of a baby." Lux then mentioned that the rest of the gang would take care of the other one. 



Fans of Lowry were quick to take to the comment section of her Instagram post to express their thoughts on his reaction, feeling rather sullen for the six-year-old. One person said, "Lux, realizing his mom is going to have seven kids... poor kid.” Another one pointed out, "Lux is realizing he’s not going to be the favorite once the baby girl comes.” A third one said in agreement, “Right! I feel bad for him!!”

However, others found his reaction to be precious: “Not Lux being the baby whisperer!” A second one commented, “Lux has it all figured out, Mom! He’s delegating everybody’s role to help out. Lol, your kiddos are so sweet!” A final one added in admiration: “The way he said “we’re going to have 7 kids” is so cute!!”

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