‘The View’s’ Joy Behar Reveals That She Never Felt ‘Intimidated’ by Barbara Walters

‘The View’s’ Joy Behar Reveals That She Never Felt ‘Intimidated’ by Barbara Walters
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Joy Behar, co-host of The View, has long respected and admired the late Barbara Walters, a close friend and a renowned journalist. Behar admitted on a recent edition of The View podcast Behind The Table that she didn't have the same opinions about her close friend and co-host as the other panelists did. "I was never afraid of Barbara. I used to go to her house for dinner," Behar candidly confessed. "I used to tease her... I've never been afraid of Barbara. Not me," she added while revealing everyone else was 'intimidated' by the legendary TV personality.


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As per the US Sun, during the podcast, The View's executive producer Brian Teta and the comedian talked about the early episodes of the series. The two had a detailed discussion about the late Barbara Walters, a journalist who was a fixture of The View from its inception until 2014. Walters' name came up while they were talking about how they tried to finish each show on schedule. Behar said that former panelist Sherri Shepherd joked about being on time because of Walters' intimidating presence while she was a co-host. Sherri reportedly admitted that Barbara would 'kill them' if they arrived late.

However, Behar certainly emphasized on the podcast that despite the fact that the late legendary co-host was regarded as intimidating and feared (to some extent) by her colleagues, Walters never bothered her. Behar later clarified and stated that Walters would make people feel 'more intimidated than afraid.' 

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Myrna Suarez
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Myrna Suarez


Recent episodes of the Behind The Table podcast have had some significant revelations. Sunny Hostin, Behar's co-host, acknowledged last week during an episode that their friendship went beyond work. "Joy is a blurter too. We have that in common. Joy and I, I feel like, are the most alike on the panel, actually," Hostin expressed. Teta, the producer of the show, commented that Hostin's observation was "interesting," which seemed to encourage her to reveal additional information about the cast. "Yeah, I do. We agree on most things, believe it or not, and I spend a lot of time with her outside the studio," Hostin said about her and Behar's relationship. "I think a lot of people don't know that either. I go to lunch with her, I go to Sag Harbor with her, I go to her house, I drop by and we blurt. I regret my blurts, but she does not." 

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Behar made light of the fact that she's been 'trying to get rid' of her co-hosts since last year. It happened after viewers clamored for Whoopi Goldberg to be fired for her divisive remarks regarding the Holocaust. After former co-host Shepherd came on an episode back in July, Behar had stated, "Sherri, you always wanted your own show, right?" Behar was referring to The View-alum's new talk show, Sherri, which premiered in September. However, even before Shepherd could give an appropriate reply, Behar continued: "Well, who doesn't!" The panel members were all seen laughing as Behar added: "I can't get rid of them, no matter how I try!" 

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