‘The View’s Ana Navarro Used This Gesture to Silence Alyssa Farah Griffin After She Interrupted Her

‘The View’s Ana Navarro Used This Gesture to Silence Alyssa Farah Griffin After She Interrupted Her
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In a recent episode Whoopi Goldberg, host and moderator of The View, brought up the subject of memoirs, social media, and juicy disclosures with her co-hosts, in light of the recently released memoirs of Jada Pinkett Smith and Britney Spears. Both Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin said they like reading famous autobiographies to find out more about the writers. However, Co-host Ana Navarro stated that she was "done with the Jada thing" and "done defending Will Smith."


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Whoopi introduced the topic saying, "Apparently, Jada Pinkett Smith and Britney Spears are just two of the big celebrities releasing explosive memoirs and this comes at a time when nonfiction and tell-all sales seem to be down." She continued, "And reportedly publishers are insisting that celebrity memoirs be particularly juicy and revealing in the age of social media, and uh, I don't know. Do you think people feel like maybe they already know a whole bunch about celebrities in social media…on social media or such?" After hearing Alyssa's comments on the subject, Hostin discussed Jada Pinkett Smith's memoir and the power of social media. Hostin also said a friend recommended Jada's book to her since it provided "a lot of insight." However, Ana refused to read the book when Sunny asked her to give it a try and added, "But, you know what I do want to read? Mitt Romney has a new, not an autobiography, but a biography coming out."



Thereafter Ana started reading aloud from the card she had in front of her and she continued reading about Mitt's point of view of other politicians. As reported by The US Sun, Alyssa tried to interrupt her but Ana kept on reading. Alyssa continued talking over Ana until she held out her index finger in order to hush her. Alyssa gave the audience a little nod and smiled uncomfortably before she became quiet. After Ana finished her sentence Alyssa got the chance to speak.

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Meanwhile, Hostin has been receiving vicious backlash online, after she said that she read Jada Pinkett Smith's memoir and had a "completely different opinion" about it. One user tweeted, "I really like Sunny Hostin on the view, but not her comments abt Will Smith, Chris Rock & Jada Smith. From where I sit, only the Oscars committee (whoever they r-head & person in charge) & Will, Jada & Chris, have a right to make such demeaning judgment as did MSM judgments." Another one added, "The panel on @TheView has been on it every day. Seems like Sunny Hostin has a thing about Will & Jada. Wish there had been equal passion about the verbal assault thrown at Judge Jackson last week." A third one spoke in support of Jada, "Sunny Hostin, you are extremely hard on people who make mistakes. I am assuming you have never made any? If you cancel everyone who is not as perfect as you like, there won't be anyone left. That is extremely sad. We all make mistakes. Jada was the victim. Medical condition!"

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