"The View" Host Whoopi Goldberg Unleashes Fury on Co-Star Alyssa Farah Griffin During Debate

"The View" Host Whoopi Goldberg Unleashes Fury on Co-Star Alyssa Farah Griffin During Debate
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In yet another blazing exchange on The View, Whoopi Goldberg found herself requesting co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin to “listen” as the panel plummeted into chaos during a heated political debate. The episode, which aired on Thursday, experienced the hosts passionately discussing the recent Republican presidential debate, and tension reached a peak point. As the panel, including Sara Haines, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin, indulged in a heated debate, Goldberg, seemingly agitated, interjected and pointed her words towards Griffin. "I've been quiet for everybody," Goldberg exclaimed, she seemed clearly exasperated with the overlapping voices of her co-hosts.


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Griffin, a former White House aide, was at the focal point of the debate, defending former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. The discussion became highly heated, with each co-host vying for their stance. As Griffin tried to make her points, the heated argument continued until the show’s theme tune signaled a commercial break. Goldberg asserts,"Here's my problem with Nikki Haley... when people say, "Well what have you done?" I wanted to know what she had done, really. What policies at the U.N. because that's her,” Goldberg said as Griffin interrupted her and exclaimed:"She's a successful two-term governor.” But Goldberg was not satisfied with the argument and retaliated:"Wait a minute! She was an okay governor, she wasn't a great governor, and you may think she's the cat's meow, I do not!"So when I listen to her, I want to hear somebody say, "And here's what we're going to do..."'


On which Griffin fired back saying,"Did you guys all watch it? I thought she did that!” Goldberg replied on this interruption,"Listen, I listen to Republicans, listen, I've been sitting listening to you and I've been quiet for everybody so I'm just saying…” As Griffin interrupted again saying," Yeah, you do listen to everyone, you do.” Goldberg, despite the interruption continued saying,"I try and I didn't hear the thing I needed to hear as an American, which is, what are you going to do about this and this? I don't want to know about the wars, the culture wars, I don't wanna hear anybody else talking about culture wars…”


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The tumultuous exchange and arguments spilled over into the commercial break, indicating the intensity of the heated discussion. When the show resumed, the panel revisited the Republican debate, As per Daily Mail, Griffin once again defended Haley prompting criticism from Hostin, “If I could finish... the other thing about Nikki Haley is when she was governor, I agree with you Whoopi, I don't think she did such a great governorship job, especially because she's a flip-flopper. That's why I call her a hypocrite.’ As the disagreement was in the air, Griffin found herself distracted by the show’s theme tune, resulting in a frustrated reaction. Fans took to social media to share their opinions on the clash, with some expressing frustration over the heated exchange and others applauding Goldberg for asserting control. The episode marked another instance of The View living up to its reputation for passionate and sometimes confrontational discussions, showcasing the diverse perspectives and strong personalities of its hosts.

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