Here's Why 'The View' Host Joy Behar Was a "Technical Virgin" When She Married First Husband in 1965

Here's Why 'The View' Host Joy Behar Was a "Technical Virgin" When She Married First Husband in 1965
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Joy Behar, the quippy host of The View, revealed details of her 'sex life' on the show. The moderator opened up on the show's Behind the Table Podcast about why she was a "technical virgin" before getting married to her first husband, Joseph Behar, in 1965. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Rob Kim
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Rob Kim

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The 81-year-old shared she was a 'virgin' before marrying Joseph, mainly because she was "afraid of getting pregnant." Apparently, at the time, abortion was still illegal, and hence, the American comedian was cautious before getting physical. However, it didn't stop the lovebirds from "making out like crazy." 

'Technically a virgin,' Behar was barely 23 years old, which was eight years before the restriction on abortion was taken down. In 1973, Roe v. Wade passed this landmark decision in the United States Supreme Court favoring abortion. However, it was later overruled in 2022. And now, one in three women has no access to it [abortion].  

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Recently, during one of the segments of The View, Behar discussed how, in "modern times," 23 is considered young to get married. Back in her days, she revealed, women were afraid of turning into "old maids." She recalled, "As my aunt said to me one time, 'If you don't meet them [men] in college, you'll never meet them.'"

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She added, "So I got married [because] I figured this is it." When Behar was asked if she would 'see this on the ballot again' in her lifetime, she said, "Well, one of the reasons I was a technical virgin when I got married was there was no Roe v. Wade in the sixties, you had to wait for the seventies for that." 


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However, she also clarified, "Not that it would have made that much of a difference [because] I was a very good little Catholic girl!" reported Daily Mail. Behar continued, "Even though I had a boyfriend, and we were making out like crazy, but we never went to third base really until we got married."

The talk show host recalled her first marriage with Joseph, "I was very young. Behar married her first husband in 1965, and their relationship lasted till 1981. The couple also welcomed their one and only child, Eve. Talking about being physical, she pointed out that kids today are making out as teenagers.  



"Kids have sex now at 17; to me, that was very young," Behar said, to which Brian replied: "Ahhhhh! I think 17... that's giving them a lot of credit; I think it's younger than that." The comedian also highlighted the overruling of Roe v. Wade and declared, "It's ridiculous, we're going backward." 

Behar took 29 years to get married again to her longtime love, Steve Janowitz, in 2011. Talking about her second marriage, she revealed the duo decided to make things official after gay marriages became legal in New York, reported US Weekly.   

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Walter McBride
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Walter McBride


She said, "It did have an influence on me. It brought to my consciousness why gays needed to get married," adding, "And I thought it was a good reason for me to get married. And so did Steve, so we did it."

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