Fans of 'The View' Outraged Because of Repeated Audio Turn-Off of Joy Behar and the Guest

Fans of 'The View' Outraged Because of Repeated Audio Turn-Off of Joy Behar and the Guest
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Capitol officer Harry Dunn, who was present during the revolt on January 6th, was the guest on Tuesday's talk show. When Joy Behar questioned Dunn about former president Donald Trump, still facing criminal charges relating to the riot, the discussion took a humorous turn. Joy asked him, "What if Donald Trump wins again? Would you still-?" However, the audio was removed.


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After some time, the audio resumed, and Alyssa Griffin responded, "Gonna need a stiffer drink". Griffin served in Trump's cabinet as a special assistant to the president and as Vice President Mike Pence's press secretary. Dunn replied, "You got anything stronger?" before the audio was removed again. Before the audio went out again the third time, Joy finished her statement, and Harry started his. In fact, not a single second of Whoopi's outro before the commercial break was lost in the editing process.



As per The US Sun reports, this whole scenario made the audience furious, and they were confused. So they posted on X, curious to know the reason behind the audio cut. One fan wrote, "Why did they bleep out what they were saying? It is no more wrong than what Trump says every day or even during his court rants! What was so bad that @JoyVBehar and @libradunn were bleeped?" Another tweeted, "'The View' censors Joy Behar and Harry Dunn three times during the interview. It figures MSM would deliberately censor anti-Trump. They’re so worried about Magats’ reactions." A third one wrote, "Small segment with Harry Dunn and the sound going in and out."

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Santiago Felipe
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Santiago Felipe

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Once, Joy Behar had the crowd laughing with a joke about the January 6 insurrection. During February, Whoopi Goldberg missed the program for the second day in a row with a cold, so the 80-year-old presenter began a Hot Topics segment on Fox News star Tucker Carlson's account of the historic incident in which a mob stormed the Capitol in early 2021. Behar said at the time, "Less than a week after Tucker Carlson is caught in emails and texts fully admitting that he doesn't believe the election fraud lies. He's putting on the air that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy handed him more than 40,000 hours of Capitol security footage from the Jan. 6 erection, um, election, insurrection." Everyone in the studio, including Behar's cohosts, burst out laughing and applauding. Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin laughed awkwardly, while Alyssa Farah Griffin clasped her hands, gave Joy Behar the "okay" sign, and mouthed, "Well done!"

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However, when it comes to audio cuts, The View hosts are quite used to it. Recently as Whoopi Goldberg was absent, Joy, who usually serves as co-host, presented the opening segment. Behar said, "President Biden just got back from Israel and last night addressed the nation to lay out what’s at stake in the Middle East and here at home. And why the U.S. needs to be supporting not one but two wars." Joy questioned her co-hosts after watching a snippet of the address and when It was Anna Navarro's turn to speak her audio was cut out in the middle. 

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