'The View' Fans Call Out Joy Behar for Her "Bored" Face During Colombian Singer's Segment

'The View' Fans Call Out Joy Behar for Her "Bored" Face During Colombian Singer's Segment
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The View fans called out Joy Behar for seemingly looking "bored" and "unimpressed" while the other panelists interacted with the Colombian singer and songwriter, Carlos Vives. The 62-year-old was a guest as they celebrated Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month on the talk show. 

Image Source: Getty Images |  Arturo Holmes
Image Source: Getty Images | Arturo Holmes

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Apparently, it was the Colombian singer's debut on the American talk show, and he would have needed any or every possible motivation to feel appreciated. However, it seemed Behar was a little "off" on the day, and she looked visibly "bored" during the special guest segment on the show. 

Fans couldn't resist noticing and pointing out her "disinterested" facial expressions throughout the episode. Vives interacted with the panelists and the audience in Spanish, and Behar looked confused by the spectacle around her. Could it be because of the language barrier? Who knows, but her face said it all. 

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The singer and songwriter played guitar while serenading his fans with Colombian music, reports The U.S. Sun. The comedian didn't say much; however, occasionally, she nodded her head along with the beats Vives played on his guitar. Ana Navarro opened up the segment. She introduced and welcomed the singer to the American audience, whose latest release, Las Mujeres, has garnered 1.6 billion views so far. 

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Contrary to Behar, the political strategist Navarro was bustling with energy and kept the viewers of The View hooked to the segment. She was the most animated panelist, laughing, clapping, praising, and chatting with Vives. Another host, Sunny Hostin, also interacted with the Colombian singer a number of times. 


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The 'special guest' segment ended with Vives performing a song for his American fans while Behar's impassive face remained the second highlight of the show, the first being the singer's debut. Although reluctantly, in the end, she did shake some legs and joined in with the rest of her co-hosts as they wrapped up the show. 

Vives is not a newbie in the music industry. He has a longstanding career spanning decades of hits in his name and certainly deserved more attention. A Colombian superstar, the La Historian singer opened doors of opportunity to several Latin and Hispanic musicians in his lifetime. 

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Previously, the talk show host was in the middle of a controversy for her insensitive joke about Taylor Swift and a black woman. She was lambasted for saying, "They always say Black women save the world, but this time, I think it's gonna be Taylor Swift." Her co-panelist, Hostin, balanced the statement and indirectly prevented the drama from escalating. 

The lawyer said, "It might be Taylor Swift in combination with Black women." Behar was fired from the show in 2013, despite being the OG host of the ABC talk show. She admitted it and said, "I was glad to be fired. I basically was sick of the show at that point for some reason; I don't even remember why."

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