The Kardashian Sisters Dolce Feud Continues, Kourtney Calls Kim Kardashian a ‘Narcissist’

The Kardashian Sisters Dolce Feud Continues, Kourtney Calls Kim Kardashian a ‘Narcissist’
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The turmoil revolving around Dolce and Gabbana seems to never end in the Kardashians' lives. After a very 'heated' argument over Kim Kardashian's decision to collaborate with the Italian fashion brand, Kourtney referred to Kim as a 'narcissist.'

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Pierre Suu
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Pierre Suu

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Kim had called her older sister, Kourtney, during the premiere episode of the fourth season of Hulu's The Kardashians to ask if she wanted to join her on a trip to Milan. Kourtney emphasized that she didn't think 'it was cool' the way that everything played out. The Poosh founder has been upset with her sister's fashion deal with Dolce and Gabbana after they had styled her wedding to Travis Barker, as per PageSix.



The two women acknowledged that watching the show again and hearing what the other person had to say about them rekindled their dispute, even after they had resolved it at the end of the previous season. After Kourtney said the entire incident made her 'not want to be around' her family any longer, Kim again insisted that she wasn't plotting with the brand during Kourtney's Italian wedding.

However, once Kourtney alleged that Kim 'saw' what she was doing and 'wanted it' and 'took it and made it bigger,' things quickly got out of hand. Kim defensively took a jab at Kourtney, commenting that the 'vibe' of Kourtney's wedding didn't even appeal to her and blasting the wedding as 'not that original.'

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“You’re talking about the bulls—t details because it’s all your egotistical, selfish mind can think about,” a clearly agitated Kourtney snapped back. “You cannot stand someone else being the center of attention. You came to my wedding, you couldn’t be happy, and you complained from the second you got there until the second you left. Forget about you couldn’t be happy, you couldn’t be happy for me,” the sister said as she got emotional.

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The SKKN BY KIM founder interrupted Kourtney's tirade against her and asked why the Poosh founder thought 'so low' of her. “I want you to dig deep and figure out why you hate me so much and why you are so angry with me because all of this never happened! I was so happy for you!” Kim exclaimed. 



Then, Kim asserted that Kourtney is a 'different person' now and that everyone in her inner circle of friends and family has observed this as well. She even said that she is part of a group chat called 'Not Kourtney,' where everyone discusses the soon-to-be mother of four. “You take it all out on me and I’m trying the best I can to reconcile and figure it out and call you,” Kim continued before Kourtney interrupted her.



“It’s about you! You are a narcissist. It is all about you,” Kourtney replied. “Anything you do is about you and about how it looks to the world. So you just want to clear up your facts. Take out my whole f—king side of the episode I don’t give a f—k what anyone thinks about me.”

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