‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Acknowledges Baby No. 5 While Announcing Pregnancy With Twins: “No Way!”

‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Acknowledges Baby No. 5 While Announcing Pregnancy With Twins: “No Way!”
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Kailyn Lowry has confirmed her suspected pregnancy just weeks after revealing that she gave birth to her fifth baby in secret.

The former Teen Mom 2 cast member revealed her pregnancy on her Barely Famous podcast. The 31-year-old revealed the news during a conversation with NFL player Isaac Rochell's wife Allison Kuch that she was soon expecting twins with her partner, Elijah Scott, per PEOPLE.

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Noting that she and Kuch had just returned from a Thailand trip, even though they were not together, Lowry remarked, "We were not even near each other, but what are the odds? And then I guess we both came home with permanent souvenirs." Kuch then responded, "Wait, you came home with a permanent souvenir? Oh my god, why did I not know this? We both got pregnant in Thailand!"

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jamie McCarthy
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jamie McCarthy


Lowry then explained, "I must have got pregnant right before I left and I had no idea." She recalled, "So when I got there, I was eating everything. My face was flushed, but I didn't think anything of it because I was like, 'There's no way. There's no way I am.'"

Kuch stated later in the podcast that she was quite aback by how quickly she became pregnant because she had anticipated a longer process. The TikTok celebrity disclosed that she was monitoring her ovulation, which helped her determine the precise day of her conception.

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"Well, to be fair, I mean, this is my ... sixth pregnancy, like six and seven for me," Lowry responded, confirming that she is expecting twins. "And I've gotten pregnant when I'm not actually ... like I've tracked my ovulation and I've gotten pregnant on days that were not my ovulation window."

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The podcast presenter revealed earlier this month that she and Scott had secretly welcomed their fifth child, a son named Rio. For the last few months, there have been rumblings that she is expecting her fifth child. Instead of feeding into the hype, Lowry took a different tactic this time: she kept the news to herself.



Lowry, who first announced the news on an episode of her podcast, told PEOPLE, "I wanted to be able to tell my own story on my terms and kind of share what information I wanted to share instead of being within a contractual obligation or storyline."

However, Lowry acknowledged that she was not "ready" to divulge her personal family news. "I feel like it was ripped out from under me time and time again," she said, adding that she feels like she's stuck with no options. "People are announcing it for me and so, at this point, I might as well just talk about it. At this point, I can at least try to do it my way," she continued.


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