‘Charmed’ Season 3 Synopsis Has Been Released

The CW’s Charmed was forced to wrap its second season prematurely due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the network has already released the synopsis for Season 3 to give fans a taste of what’s to come, according to a report from Comic Book. At the end of Season 2, Julian (played by Eric Balfour) vowed […]

‘Charmed’ Adds Poppy Drayton As New Series Regular

The CW’s Charmed reboot just kicked off its second season and has already introduced a new series regular. According to a report from TVLine, the Charmed sisters will be adding a fourth witch to their coven, Abigael, played by Poppy Drayton. The recently rebooted series moves away from the original Halliwell sisters to focus on […]

Here’s How ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Felt About The Mini ‘Charmed’ Reunion

As The Inquisitr reported last week, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy offered viewers a blast from the past. The episode featured guest stars Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs, who starred together as sisters in Charmed. Notably, executive producers of the medical drama Krista Vernoff and Andy Reaser were writers for Charmed. As fans […]

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 Brings ‘Charmed’ Reunion

ABC’s “Cast from the Past” week is bringing together everyone’s favorite sister witches for a mini Charmed reunion during an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, according to a report from Elite Daily. Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano, who charmed viewers as magical siblings Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, will reunite as sisters in an upcoming episode […]

‘Charmed’ Star Holly Marie Combs Marries Boyfriend Mike Ryan

Charmed star Holly Marie Combs has tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Mike Ryan, and quite a few of the show’s alum were in attendance. Page Six reports that Combs, 45, and Ryan married in Carmel, California, at the Santa Lucia Preserve on Saturday. The couple had been engaged for two years, but finally made […]

What Shannen Doherty Really Thinks About The ‘Charmed’ Reboot

The fantasy series Charmed is being rebooted this season with an all new cast of sisters who also happen to be witches. The original version of the show aired for eight seasons, from 1998 to 2006, on the now-defunct WB Network. Shannen Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano played the original three Halliwell sisters, […]

‘Charmed’ Reboot’s EP Responds to Holly Marie Combs Backlash

Stars and creators of the CW’s Charmed reboot are coming out to defend the hopefully hit show. According to Entertainment Weekly, one star from the original Charmed, Holly Marie Combs, had some mildly negative comments about the reboot. Combs’ comments focused on the fact that the reboot will not feature the older stars, but instead […]

‘Charmed’ Is Getting A Reboot And The New Cast Is Clapping Back At Haters

Charmed is coming back to the small screen, but not without any criticism. The CW has picked up the show for the fall line up. The upfronts are happening today, and the news about Charmed returning is quickly gaining attention. Fans of the original show have voiced concern about the reboot. Charmed had a cult […]

‘Charmed’ Star Holly Marie Combs Disses Newly Announced CW ‘Charmed’ Reboot

What to do about Charmed has been bandied about for the last few years. Whether to make a Charmed prequel, a Charmed sequel or a Charmed reboot was in question, and now Charmed fans know that the decision is to use the Charmed premise in the modern day but to include a whole new trio […]

Alyssa Milano Condemns Harvey Weinstein, Expresses ‘Love’ To Georgina Chapman, Her ‘Project Runway’ Co-Star

Who’s The Boss actress Alyssa Milano has issued a statement on her website, Patriot Not Partisan, publicly condemning disgraced Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, for sexually harassing scores of women, including her formed Charmed co-star, Rose McGowan. Yet, Milano remained quite sensitive to Weinstein’s estranged wife, Georgina Chapman, her Project Runway All Stars co-star. What did […]

Are The Halliwell Sisters Returning For The ‘Charmed’ Reboot? Holly Marie Combs Answers Here

The rumors for the Charmed reboot have been going strong all year long, but maybe some of them can be put to rest now thanks to original star, Holly Marie Combs. It was announced earlier this year that The CW was bringing back the popular series, so everyone wanted to know if any of the […]

‘Charmed’ Star Alyssa Milano Ends 15-Year TV Feud With Shannen Doherty

Former Charmed co-stars Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano have ended their feud. According to People magazine, Milano on Thursday revealed that she had made up with cancer-free Doherty and is leaving the past in the past. The 44-year-old disclosed that she and Shannen were talking and had spoken just three days ago. Alyssa said Shannen […]

‘Charmed’ Prequel Now On Hold, Holly Marie Combs Says She Is Still Game For Reunion

With all of the reboots and reunions on Netflix and elsewhere, fans of Charmed are wondering why, considering that the original actors are interested, the show isn’t back on television at least with a movie or mini-series. But the creators behind the original series seem to be pushing a Charmed series or prequel with all […]

Shannen Doherty Proves She’s The Cancer Slayer, But She’s Not Safe Yet

It has been a long two years for Shannen Doherty, but her documented cancer battle stands as a testament to her tenacity and courage, all of which helped her to overcome the illness and earn the self-imposed title of Cancer Slayer. Now, as she shares the results from her latest check up and confirms the […]

Shannen Doherty And Sarah Michelle Gellar Are The Friends We All Wish We Had

Shannen Doherty’s public cancer battle was an eye-opening experience for the Beverly Hills 90210 actress in many ways. While it helped Shannen recognize a need for a healthier lifestyle and gave her an empathy for other cancer patients, the experience also gave Doherty the opportunity to identify her fair weather friends, her frenemies, and her […]

Shannen Doherty Embraces Life And Love After Cancer Battle

Shannen Doherty has just completed a long, painful battle against cancer and, even with the support of millions of fans, the actress has nearly been broken many times over by the struggle. Now, Shannen shares the news that she has finally completed her last rounds of chemotherapy and, keeping with her prectice of sharing her […]

Shannen Doherty Jets Off With Husband After Cancer Treatment

Shannen Doherty has just finished her latest round of cancer treatment, and she and her husband have headed out for a well-deserved vacation to an undisclosed location. Doherty, who became famous after playing the role of Brenda Walsh on the FOX television drama Beverly Hills, 90210 has shared her cancer diagnosis with the public in […]

‘Charmed’ Reboot Shelved By The CW — But Why?

The CW only announced last month that it had piloted a Charmed reboot. Now it has decided to shelve the decision, according to Digital Spy. This is only a temporary decision, and there are still plans to bring the show to the young network in 2018. So, why is it being shelved once more? Many […]

5 Ways the ‘Charmed’ Reboot Could Work

The Charmed reboot is officially happening. While many fans cheer, there are some major questions about how it could work. Little information has been shared, but from what has, here’s a look at five ways that the reboot to take off. It's official: A #Charmed reboot is in the works at @TheCW–and there's a retro […]

‘Cancer Slayer’ Shannen Doherty Says ‘Maggie’ Saved Her Life

In a recent Instagram post, Shannen Doherty captioned an image with the hashtag #CancerSlayer, giving herself that title after doubling up on her treatments and completing her entire treatment program by the end of the week. Documenting her battle against cancer, Doherty has proven she was never the typical cancer patient, setting a new bar […]

‘Charmed’ Reboot Coming To The CW

In a move sure to please fans everywhere, The CW has informally decided to reboot the classic series Charmed. For those of you who don’t remember this WB Thursday night guilty pleasure, the story revolved around three sisters who also happened to be witches. And that’s the politically correct sense of the word, as in […]

Shannen Doherty Makes Chelsea Handler Cry In Emotional Interview [Video]

Shannen Doherty has been sharing her cancer battle with fans via social media for months now and her captioned photos have been unbearably emotional and heartbreaking at times, but that doesn’t compare to the interview Doherty just granted to long-time friend Chelsea Handler. The discussion, set to air on Netflix’s Chelsea, gives a closer look […]

Shannen Doherty Bears Down On Her War Against Cancer [Video]

Shannen Doherty continues to inspire and awe the world with her publicized battle against cancer. While many of us are reminded how fortunate we are not to have to endure Doherty’s trials, Shannen moves forward, enduring her darkest days and celebrating whatever wins she manages to achieve. We are honored to follow along as she […]

Actress Rose McGowan Alleges Rape By Hollywood Boss

Rose McGowan tweeted on Thursday that she had had been raped by a Hollywood studio boss, Variety is reporting. The 43-year-old actress was responding to the #WhyWomenDontReport hashtag created to generate awareness over why women preferred to keep quiet about sexual assaults rather than report them. The trending topic came in the midst of allegations […]

Shannen Doherty Feels ‘Blessed’ Amid Cancer Battles

It seems everything in Shannen Doherty’s life has centered around her cancer battle in the months since she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, but now, even as she’s faced with an intensified treatment program, Ms. Doherty is finding strength from the people and events outside of her hospital stays. In fact, just after she […]

Shannen Doherty Shares ‘The Many Faces Of Cancer’ Chemo Experience

Shannen Doherty’s experience with breast cancer has led to a greater struggle than she could have imagined, when she first revealed the diagnosis in February 2015, but she’s still fighting. Proving herself to be a warrior in every sense of the word, Doherty has come back from a feeling of defeat at learning her cancer […]

Sarah Michelle Gellar Says Shannen Doherty Is A ‘True Friend’

Sarah Michelle Gellar has come to Shannen Doherty’s side in a new Instagram post, as she sits at the Charmed actress’ bedside to offer her support and lend her some of her own strength. Doherty has touched the hearts of millions with her brave fight against cancer and, as her condition has become more complicated […]

Shannen Doherty Gives Rare Interview — ‘Charmed’ Star Fears Losing Her Life

Shannen Doherty was once a superstar in the television world. She got her claim to fame when she was cast in Aaron Spelling’s Beverly Hills 90210. Doherty played Brenda Walsh, the twin sister to Jason Priestley’s Brandon Walsh. The cast was amazing, and the show took off because it related to teenagers dealing with high […]

Shannen Doherty Fears Losing Her Breast Cancer Battle: ‘I Don’t Look Past Today’

Shannen Doherty is doing the impossible. The former Charmed actress is battling breast cancer in a public forum, risking the harsh judgments of cyberbullies and her own critics, while also trying to keep the positive attitude so necessary in battling any form of cancer. One cannot deny the unabashed courage necessary for Shannen to have […]

Shannen Doherty Proves Her Courage As She Shaves Head And Battles Breast Cancer

Whether you love Shannen Doherty or dislike her, there’s no denying that the actress best known for her roles in Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210 is proving herself to be as brave as anyone with the way she’s publicly battling breast cancer. It’s not just that Doherty has chosen to face this illness head on, […]

‘Charmed’ Reboot Possible Says Holly Marie Combs, CBS May Shoot Pilot With Original Cast Members

A Charmed reboot is a very real possibility. The show had a cult following back when it began airing, and it is still heavily watched across platforms like Netflix. In recent years, the reboot of old television shows has become popular. From Full House to Gilmore Girls, television viewers are reliving parts of their lives […]

‘Charmed’ Reboot Cast Up In The Air, But Shannen Doherty Says No Thanks

Rumors and missteps are surrounding a possible Charmed reboot or reunion, but Charmed fans are clear that Charmed without the sisters Halliwell is a big no thank you. Last week, the original cast announced that they were willing, and then CBS said they wanted a Charmed reboot. Somehow there was a disconnect, and CBS said […]

‘Charmed’ Reboot Not What Fans Want, Alyssa Milano Reveals Old Cast Not Involved

Charmed fans have been hoping for a reboot now that a lot of shows are getting the green light to come back again. With the return of Full House and talk about other shows, fans are really hopeful that Charmed will return again. There has been a lot of talk about it over the years, […]

Alyssa Milano Dashes Hopes Of ‘Charmed’ Fans For Reboot, CBS Going With New Stars

The media flurry surrounding the Charmed reboot has been fast and furious, but Alyssa Milano, best known as Phoebe Halliwell, is throwing a flag on the play and yelling not so fast. Although all of the actresses who played the Halliwell sisters were up for the project, Alyssa Milano is now saying that CBS is […]

‘Charmed’ Reboot: Alyssa Milano Confirms Revival In The Works–Series To Return With Original Cast?

It’s a good day for those who grew up in the 90’s–rumors started to circulate that WB’s Charmed may be returning to television. Apparently, the original cast was set to come back in the series; however, production had other plans. Alyssa Milano stated on social media that even though the original cast was on board […]

‘Charmed’ Reboot Is Coming With The Original Cast? – How And When Will The Reunion Happen?

Prison Break is making a return. The X-Files has seen its return to television. 24 will be getting a reboot without Kiefer Sutherland. Gilmore Girls and Fuller House are hot news. Now, it appears as if Charmed is coming back, and the drama series will see all of the original witches return. At least, that’s […]

Alyssa Milano Says A ‘Charmed’ Reboot Could Happen, But Would Shannen Doherty Return?

Alyssa Milano recently told Entertainment Tonight that she thinks a Charmed reboot is inevitable and she hopes to return as part of the cast. Milano noted the multitude of shows that are getting a second life these days, from Full House to Gilmore Girls, and Alyssa thinks Charmed has enough of a fan base to […]

‘Charmed’ Original Cast Member On Reboot: ‘We’re All Totally On Board’

Charmed appears to be the next TV series ready for a reboot, Alyssa Milano told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview. The actress — who played Phoebe Halliwell on Charmed — hinted that a reboot of the show that aired from 1998-2006 may already be in the works, with many original cast members ready to […]

Alyssa Milano Wonders Why Miley Cyrus Can Show Her Breasts But A Breastfeeding Mother Can’t

Alyssa Milano has had a fabulous career on the small screen in shows that include Who’s the Boss and Charmed. She is also a star in the world of breastfeeding advocacy and NJ reports that Milano recently argued in favor of breastfeeding while being interviewed by Wendy Williams. Alyssa Milano is very passionate about breastfeeding […]

Is A ‘Charmed’ Movie Or Reboot In The Works?

Since everything old is new again, and old shows that fans loved are getting the reboot like Full House, fans of Charmed are waiting with bated breath to see if the ladies will get back together to make a Charmed movie, or get fans up to date on where the characters are now. All of […]

Should ‘Game Of Thrones’ Continue After Season Seven?

The Game of Thrones showrunners have repeatedly said that the show would only get seven seasons. The idea is to continue it in line with the books, which George R.R. Martin says will have seven instalments; one for each kingdom in Westeros. Many fans like to know when a show will end, especially one as […]

Rose McGowan Shames Adam Sandler

Funny man Adam Sandler isn’t loved by everyone. Just ask Rose McGowan. Ms. McGowan used her Twitter account to publicly shame Sandler after she found that a production note for a casting call on a new project created a double standard. Recently, Adam Sandler arrived for a Transylvania 2 photo op looking very much like […]

Alyssa Milano Positively Influencing Thousands of Lives

Alyssa Milano continues making a positive impact in the lives of thousands people and animals around the world. Some consider Alyssa a perfect role model. Alyssa Milano has a variety of titles. Alyssa described herself to Extraordinary Health in terms such as “mom, wife, actress, producer, activist, and designer.” After a slight pause, Alyssa is […]

Alyssa Milano To Work On A ‘Charmed’ Movie?

Alyssa Milano is quitting Mistresses. Although producers have announced that the show will be back for another season, they would be missing out on Savannah Davis and the allure that has driven the show for two seasons now. The actress’ departure from the show was announced on Milano’s own website, where she states that she […]

Actress Rose McGowan Witnesses Knockout Game Attack In California

Actress Rose McGowan claims she was a witness to a knockout game attack in Venice, California. The attack occurred last night, according to what McGowan described in a series of tweets that she sent out about seeing an assault on a 65-year-old man. McGowan said that she chased the perpetrator who was wearing a mask […]

Alyssa Milano Responds To Jay Mohr’s Post-Baby Fat Comments

Alyssa Milano isn’t letting Jay Mohr’s recent comments about her weight bother her. Both the Mistresses actress and the comedian attended the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion’s Awards in Las Vegas earlier this month. After the event, Mohr not only called Milano “Melissa,” but made some disparaging comments about her weight. “She was one of […]

Charmed Reboot: Alyssa Milano Not Happy About Remake, Fans Hesitant

A Charmed reboot planned for CBS has fans of the supernatural show excited, but at least two major stars don’t seem to be on board with the idea. After news broke Friday that the long-running show about three magical sisters would be returning as a CBS pilot, longtime star Alyssa Milano took to Twitter, expressing […]

‘Charmed’ Reboot Happening For CBS

Before the SyFy network started pushing out original television programming, lucky networks like The WB were known for their fantasy-based television shows. Of those popular shows was Charmed, a sci fi driven series about three sisters, who also just so happened to be witches. Charmed was led by a talented cast of Alyssa Milano, Holly […]

Rose McGowan Engaged To Davey Detail, Fish Faces Tweeted To Fans

Rose McGowan is engaged. The 39-year-old Charmed actress confirmed on Instagram and Twitter Monday that she will marry artist Davey Detail. As congratulations poured in from her fans, she also tweeted a funny fish face photo which you can check out down below. “Kisses for you,” was her comment on Instagram. She expanded a little […]

Alyssa Milano Opens Up About Her Days On ‘Who’s The Boss’

Alyssa Milano recently opened up about her time on the hit 80s sitcom Who’s the Boss?. The half-hour comedy ran for eight season on ABC between 1984 and 1992. Although she appeared in a few project prior to the series, it was the Who’s the Boss? that transformed her into a household name. During her […]