‘Charmed’ Reboot Shelved By The CW — But Why?

The CW only announced last month that it had piloted a Charmed reboot. Now it has decided to shelve the decision, according to Digital Spy. This is only a temporary decision, and there are still plans to bring the show to the young network in 2018. So, why is it being shelved once more?

Many Charmed fans will believe that their dislike of the plans is the reason for the CW shelving the program. Is it possible that enough people spoke against it, leading to the CW believing that there wasn’t an audience for it after all? It is no secret that Charmed fans were instantly against the idea of a reboot when the details were shared.

Technically, the plans weren’t really a reboot of the original show. None of the four actresses who played the sisters would appear, and there were no signs that this would actually connect to the Power of Three. After the announcement of the reboot, the CW confirmed that the show would be set in New England in the 1970s, and the three witches would be three friends instead of three sisters.

In short, the show would lose the bond that the original show had. It was about three sisters who happened to be witches as they worked through learning their powers, fighting demons, and living normal lives.

The CW hasn’t said that it was the Charmed fans’ reactions that shelved the show. This is just a temporary move until 2018 due to too many programs that the network wants to add into its bank. Lost Boys will also be delayed for the same reasons, after the network confirmed that it was taking another DC show from a different network: Black Lightning from Fox is being picked up.

There are only so many hours of programming on the network. This was a similar problem that the CW had this year. The network wanted to keep all of its programs from the 2015-2016 season but added four programs: Supergirl, Frequency, No Tomorrow, and Riverdale. This meant The Originals and Reign were pushed to midseason lineups, angering and worrying some fans.

While The Vampire Diaries and Reign have been canceled after this year, there still isn’t enough room for multiple new programs. All other repeat fall season shows from 2016 have been confirmed, so only the two pilot shows are in question. The midseason shows still need to air to be confirmed.

Digital Spy goes on to state that the network hasn’t been happy with the suggestion for the storyline of the Charmed reboot. This is contradictory to earlier reports, where CW boss Mark Pedowitz appeared proud of the decision to make the reboot a self-contained show, according to FanNews.

It is possible that Pedowitz didn’t realize just how many older fans would have been against the idea. Fans instantly took to Twitter to share their dislike for the idea. Had the show not been called a Charmed reboot, fans shared that they would have been open to the idea of the show. It just isn’t the Charmed revival that fans have been calling for over the last few years.

There are still definitely plans to bring shows like Charmed and Lost Boys back to the network. The CW has confirmed that it has looked back at the shows that worked on UPN and WB (the two networks that combined to create the CW) for ideas to help the young-focused network. Genre shows always worked well, so the network is focusing on bringing some of them back. This is despite the superhero shows being the best for the network at this time.

Charmed fans who were looking forward to the reboot don’t have to wait to much longer. Rather than getting the show sometime in the 2017-2018 schedule, it sounds like the Charmed reboot is set for the 2018-2019 schedule.

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