Sunny Hostin of 'The View' Shares a Surprising Career Ambition Beyond 'The View'

Sunny Hostin of 'The View' Shares a Surprising Career Ambition Beyond 'The View'
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Sunny Hostin, one of the hosts of the renowned talk show The View, recently revealed her ambitions for a career change, which surprised many. Hostin, 54, spoke candidly on The View: Behind the Table podcast about her dream job and what she'd like the next chapter of her life to potentially revolve around.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Dia Dipasupil
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Dia Dipasupil

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The podcast, hosted by The View's executive producer, Brian Teta, delves into several issues mentioned on the show. On it, Hostin did make one surprising confession, which happened to be her obsession with the British reality show Naked Attraction. This London-based show is a unique dating game that challenges its participants to strip down to their birthday suits in a bid to find their ideal match; it is built upon the premise that people often choose their partners based on physical appearance, which also makes it a social experiment like no other, as per The Sun.

Hostin's interest in Naked Attraction prompted Brian Teta to ask an intriguing question: if Hostin would consider serving as a judge on the show? She, on the other hand, stated that Naked Attraction does not have judges, but it has a host (currently, it is Anna Richardson). Instead, she indicated a strong desire to be a part of a prospective US version of the show. "I feel like I could host that show, the American version," she said. "I'm gonna pitch that somewhere."



This revelation has attracted the interest of The View fans and Hostin's followers. After all, as one of the hosts of The View, Hostin has built a substantial following due to her commentary and the discussions that take place on the show. While Naked Attraction might be a surprising gig for many, it's also not uncommon for television personalities to have diverse jobs, especially in today's day and age. 

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Hostin's role on The View has also been notable. She is regularly joined on stage by Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, and Alyssa Farrah Griffin, who then engage in lively debates on a variety of themes, providing viewers with a distinct viewpoint on current events and societal challenges. However, as with any group of people who work closely together, there will be moments of disagreement and friction.

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Hostin shed light on the dynamics behind the scenes in a recent episode of the aforementioned podcast. She admitted that the panel sometimes struggled to agree on the main subjects for the day's presentation. "It was awful. None of us agreed on what the lead should be, and ultimately, we usually do agree on the lead," she said.

It's worth noting that, despite their disputes, Hostin has always praised her co-hosts. During an appearance on Good Morning America, she was gushing in her enthusiasm for her co-panelists. "It’s the ladies. There are five of us," Sunny stated. "We love each other. Despite what you may hear, we get along, even though we’re very different in many respects."

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