'Saturday Night Live' Skit Mocks Jim Jordan Losing House Speaker Vote With Donald Trump in Cold Open

'Saturday Night Live' Skit Mocks Jim Jordan Losing House Speaker Vote With Donald Trump in Cold Open
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Saturday Night Live's recent skit was an entertaining one inspired by the current havoc in the U.S. House Representatives. Jim Jordan, an ally of Donald Trump, failed to garner enough votes for the third time in a row to become House Speaker, and kudos to the SNL cast members for portraying a hilarious version of it, which left the viewers in splits. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Anna Moneymaker
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Anna Moneymaker

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On Friday, October 20, 2023, the Ohio representative, who previously lost twice, was abruptly dropped by Republicans in a secret ballot vote as the party's nominee for the United States House Speaker. SNL spoofed Jordan's failed attempt to grab the role after Kevin McCarthy was ousted last month. 

The skit began with Mikey Day portraying the role of Jordan looking distraught after his failed gig. "No, I didn't win, honey. No, not this time, either. It's okay. I'm feeling good," says Day, playing the Ohio conservative. Frustrated, he breaks the receiver in half. He [Mikey] said, "How did I lose? This is chaos." 

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Showing frustration, Day continued, "Some of us are here to actually serve the American people. All I want to do is get Congress back to work so I can shut it down again," per the New York Post. An assistant appeared in the sketch, bringing in Bowen Yang (portraying Representative George Santos), who walked in with a baby. 

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Day asks, "George Santos? Why do you have a baby?" Yang replies, "No one seems to know." He continues, "I just wanted to say how sorry I am, but I want you to know I voted for you and get this," adding, "So did Shoshanna Loggins." Day asks in the cold open, "Who's that?" Yang responds, "Also, me." Then, the audience cracked up. 


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Day asks Yang if running for the speakership for the fourth time is a good idea. "Well, look, I would be lying if I said yes," Yang says. "So, yes." Yang then receives a phone call, which apparently is from Tupac Shakur, and says, "Girl, I know. Jada is crazy." This references recent interviews and her memoir Worthy, in which Pinkett Smith described her friendship with the late rapper, who was killed in 1996. Chloe Fineman, who plays Lauren Boebert, rings in Day's office regarding his failed bid. "Are you out somewhere?" He asks, to which she replies, "Yeah. I gotta go. I'm at the theater seeing Aladdin." 



Jordan lost thrice as he failed to get the votes as GOP nominee for the House Speaker by the Republicans. After a 90-minute long afternoon secret meeting with Republicans, 112 voted against him and only 86 in favor. The Ohio conservative is out of the nomination, and his exit led to the doors open for several other candidates, including Reps. Austin Scott (Georgia) and Byron Donalds (Florida), who announced their bid, NBC News reported.


The SNL sketch concludes after Donald Trump, played by James Austin Johnson, emerges. Day says, "I'm so glad you're here. You endorsed me, and then you just kind of disappeared." Johnson responds, "Yeah. Well, that's because I prefer the Jordans who win," namely, "The great Michael Jordan or the even greater Jordan Sparks." When Day asks the fictional rendition of the former President why he did not win the vote despite copying Trump's tactics, Johnson responds, "Well, because, frankly, you’re not me, OK? You’re no fun. I’m hilarious. … I’m Coke, you’re Shasta.” 

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