Kim Kardashian Reveals Diet Plan for a Healthier Lifestyle: "It Actually Taught Me a Lot"

 Kim Kardashian Reveals Diet Plan for a Healthier Lifestyle: "It Actually Taught Me a Lot"
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Kim Kardashian revealed her secret to being fitter than ever through her healthy yet intensive diet plan that she strictly follows after committing to adopt a healthier lifestyle, reports Mirror.

Image Credit: Instagram | @kimkardashian
Image Source: Instagram | @kimkardashian


The Kardashians star recently uploaded a story on Instagram wishing her beloved makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, revealing her toned body while appearing slimmer than before. The two glowed after what looked like a wholesome day of spending time in each other's company.

The reality television sensation was observed to be flexing her very toned abs and sported neon green shorts and paired them with a black Balenciaga sports bra. She followed the flex up with her classic pout, a pair of black shades, and let her gorgeous hair free.

The birthday boy in the picture, Ariel donned a similar ensemble and twinned with Kim wearing matching neon green shorts followed by a chic basic white vest top. "Vacay Vibing w the bday boy," said Kim in the caption of her story. Although it was a birthday wish, fans were surprised and curious about the secret of Kim's healthier lifestyle.



She followed a rather strict diet and fitness routine which involved her working out twice a day to fit into her 2022 MET Gala ensemble that featured Marilyn Monroe's vintage evening gown. "I looked at it like a role and I really wanted to wear this dress. It was really important to me," said Kim expressing the gravity of her dedication to being able to wear the outfit. She claimed to have learned plenty about her lifestyle and health while on that journey.

"It actually taught me a lot about my lifestyle and my health, and since then, afterward, I continued to eat really healthy. I mean I'm down 21 pounds," added Kim emphasizing her drastic weight loss journey. For her diet, the entrepreneur strictly avoided all forms of carbs and sugar for the course of three weeks and took things to the next level, wearing a sauna suit twice a day. She'd proceed to go for a long run on the treadmill after.



Although the diet and the routine did deliver results, she received harsh criticism from many of her fellow colleagues in the entertainment industry. Lili Reinhart claimed that the routine was far too extreme to fit into a dress and may have an incorrect influence on youth especially since Kim is in a position of high influence on the social media platforms she's active on.

In fact, her personal trainer expressed his grave concerns for the well-being of his client and mentions how the diet was quite unhealthy. In response to being asked his reaction and if he agreed with Kim's new lifestyle switch, he said, "Not at all. Not from my end from what I saw. We were working out sometimes twice a day."

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