‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Confesses Missing Her Estranged Husband Kody Brown After Holiday Quarrel

‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Confesses Missing Her Estranged Husband Kody Brown After Holiday Quarrel
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Janelle Brown, from the TLC's hit reality series Sister Wives, opened out about her feelings towards her estranged husband, Kody Brown, in the most recent episode. Janelle's longing for Kody after a holiday quarrel became clear during a recent episode.

Janelle astounded fans by admitting her feelings for Kody. She said, "We are very best friends. We have a lot of conversations. I miss him in my bed. I miss him in my house. I miss him. But I am not being treated the way I deserve to be treated here."

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Image Source: Youtube | TLC
Image Source: Youtube | TLC


Janelle's confession includes a desire for something more meaningful in her connection with Kody. In an episode, she said, "I miss you, honey. I just don’t know how to fix this. You and I tend to be, like, you come back and forget all the hard stuff. I need something different this time.”

Janelle's feelings, according to Kody, were purely physical and not emotional. "I think she thinks I’m hot. I’ve got nice pecks and a great six-pack abs, but that’s all she’s interested in." Janelle immediately refuted these charges, claiming that their marriage was much more than just physical desire.


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Kody and Janelle's continuous feud came to a climax during a furious fight about their sons, Garrison and Gabriel, not following Kody's COVID regulations. This disagreement caused Kody and Janelle to spend the 2022 holidays apart. Janelle subsequently revealed that they had been "separated" for a while in December 2022.

During the most recent episode, Janelle spoke about her displeasure with Kody's treatment of their children, specifically his lack of involvement with their youngest daughter, Savanah, since early December. "I don’t need a lot from him," she explained, per Today. "But when it comes down to where he just all of a sudden doesn’t want to be a father to my kids because they disagree with him, that sort of changes the cost-benefit equation for me in this marriage."

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The episode Understatement of the Year featured the pair meeting for the first time in six weeks after their quarrel. Janelle explained that she hadn't spoken to or seen Kody during this period and wanted to find a proper resolution before reconciling. She says, "I have realized this time it’s just not working for me anymore. I really want to be treated differently and I want some more things out of a relationship. Can we do that with ours? It would be stupid to throw away 30 years or whatever, but I don’t know. I really just don’t know if we really can fix that."

Things were tense when the pair finally met for lunch. Kody regretted his actions and stated that his divorce from Christine had taken an emotional toll on him. Janelle, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with his explanation and told him to "separate your relationships like you have for our entire plural marriage and pay attention here.”

Janelle declared her choice to remain apart from Kody, saying, "I do think I want to stay separated for now." This revelation surprised Kody, who stated that he had always assumed their past separations were due to conflicts between the sister wives, rather than their relationship.

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