Siegfried and Roy's Exotic "Jungle Palace" in Las Vegas Sells For $3 million

Siegfried and Roy's Exotic "Jungle Palace" in Las Vegas Sells For $3 million
Cover Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Ethan Miller

Legends Roy Horn and Siegfried Fischbacher were known to have built a little Bavarian retreat in Las Vegas. The "Jungle Palace" situated at the Las Vegas Golf Club was an exotic abode for the iconic magicians and animal entertainers since 1982. The colossal property worth $3 million is now off the real estate market. 

The private 80-acre compound stands in an exclusive gated community neighborhood and features two bedrooms and three bathrooms. The surrounding lush estate includes three additional guest houses, three enchanting pools, a cabana for entertainment, and a casita. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Roy and Siegfried designed the property as a tribute to their German roots. 


Siegfried had described the design of the home and said, “In a way, we’ve transported as much of Germany as possible to Las Vegas. On eighty acres in the middle of the desert, we’ve built a Bavarian cottage and created a landscape that is a reminder of my Bavarian upbringing…close the gates and you’re in Southern Germany.” Roy's vision for the place had been slightly wild, "I’d like to give the tigers an environment in which everything is snow white." The duo had joked about having countless fights over Roy's extravagant vision.

As of now, the timeless Jungle Palace has been acquired by Brett and George Carden, the owners of the famous Missouri-based Carden Circus International. They plan to maintain the colossal estate as a memorial to the lionized entertainers Siegfried and Roy and turn it into a tourist attraction. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Ethan Miller
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Ethan Miller


According to Dirt, the two-story main residence is spaced out at 8,750 square feet. The mansion also features separate luxurious powder rooms for guests. Several lounges and living rooms are spread across the lavish works of custom stained-glass windows, hexagonal floor tiles, and mural-embellished ceilings. The vintage kitchen is equipped with all modern appliances to whip up a gourmet meal. The mansion is also adorned with classic reading spaces and libraries. The Jungle Palace also boasts spa amenities and an exquisite tanning bed. 

GettyImages| Photo By Ethan Miller
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo By Ethan Miller

There are additional three residences within the luxe property which includes a three-bedroom home of approximately 2,000 square feet and two two-bedroom houses with a swimming pool.  It also boasts several aviaries and animal enclosures, since the duo loved to entertain their guests with their animals. Numerous iconic national television episodes have been shot at the Jungle Palace while Roy and Siegfried were alive. The eclectic property now attracts tourist visitors and fans alike. 

Roy and Siegfried moved into a 100-acre compound situated in northwest Las Vegas in 2003 after Roy was attacked by a lion and suffered a stroke. The massive entertaining estate teemed with wild animals freely roaming the lush grounds, and there were two connected mansions along with a huge aquatic park. Roy passed away in 2020 and Siegfried in 2021, after which their properties were listed on the real estate market. 

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