Shakira Promises More Attacks on Ex Gerard Pique in New Songs, Says Barcelona Was ‘Hindering’ Her Music

Shakira Promises More Attacks on Ex Gerard Pique in New Songs, Says Barcelona Was ‘Hindering’ Her Music
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Shakira is having a fantastic time in her musical career, thriving after her breakup with Gerard Pique with hits recorded following her relationship with the ex-player.

The Barranquilla-based singer has stated that she will not stop with 'El Jefe,' and has promised more attacks on her ex-partner in future songs, reported Marca.

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The singer said that she is "very inspired, with desire" and that she is working on new songs. “I’m very inspired, I’m in the mood. There have been times when they have to take me with a crane to the studio, they have to drag me. Sometimes you fight with your work, everyone does. But now I’m in a honeymoon phase with making music and with my career. I’m in love with what I do.”

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Nine One Four Photography
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Nine One Four Photography


The singer added that she intends to continue making new songs, possibly ones that might attack her ex-husband. "There are many things I want to say, things to try musically, but the time will come," she said. "It turns out I was less fragile than I thought and music has been my main survival tool. I have been surprised by the possibility of being able to make lemonade with the sourest lemons", she said about the turmoil in her life after her strenuous breakup and move after her divorce from Pique.

Shakira now resides in Miami, which she describes as a "catharsis" amid her pain. Furthermore, she stated that she thought "many of her ideas remained in the void" while living in Barcelona. The artist described the place where she spent so many years with her ex-partner as having "one foot on the brake" for her career and admits that her move to Miami has allowed her to "get out of the mud."

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She said, per Billboard, “Being in Barcelona was practically being alone. There is no active music industry there. Every time I had an idea, I had to wait until the producer was in Europe and felt like coming to Barcelona. Everything was very slow and many ideas were left in the void. I was left without being able to execute many of my plans. I think that’s why I was also unmotivated. Now being here, close to so many colleagues, producers, musicians, and friends, is a great motivation.”

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Last month, the singer, who appeared on Billboard's cover, revealed what drove her after her breakup. The singer didn't want the divorce, but shares, "It’s what I wanted for myself and my children, but it didn’t happen. If life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade. That’s what I’m doing: making lemonade."

She also spoke of the move to Miami. "Something inescapable about Miami, Los Angeles, the U.S. in general is I have the logistical and technical support, the resources, the tools, the people. Living in Spain, all that was on hold," the Hips Don't Lie singer explained.


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