North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Weighs Over 140 Kg, Reports South Korean AI

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Weighs Over 140 Kg, Reports South Korean AI
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South Korea has used a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) program to determine that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un weighs over 140 kg (308 lb). Yoo Sang-bum, a member of the parliamentary intelligence committee, shared the news with media outlets after being briefed by the National Intelligence Service, reports Reuters.

He said, "[Kim Jong-Un] appeared tired with clear dark circles around his eyes during his public appearance on May 16, and was estimated to weigh over 140kg according to AI analysis." The South Korean spy agencies have also stated that the 39-year-old leader is prone to ill health and insomnia due to excessive usage of alcohol and nicotine. 


South Korea's official intelligence data have revealed that North Korea has been gathering extensive medical information on insomnia treatment for its political leader. According to Reuters, reports have been circulating about Kim Jong-Un's chronic habit of staying up "all night." South Korea's Yonhap news agency stated that North Korea's news newspaper Rodong Sinmun had mentioned that Kim works until 5 a.m. Yoo Sang-bum also stated that a "large amount of foreign cigarettes and snacks are being shipped into the North." 

The weight of the North Korean leader has always been a topic of discussion among media outlets since the dictatorial nation holds its leader's health status as a closely guarded secret. In 2021 Kim appeared to look slimmer, and speculations were rife that he was suffering from unexpected ill health, reports Sky News. In July 2021 the North Korean leader had visited his grandfather's grave in a slim avatar.

CNN Senior International correspondent, Will Ripley, had tweeted about the issue: "What a difference 5 weeks makes! North Korea’s Kim Jong Un had not been seen in public for about a month. He’s now reappeared looking considerably thinner. Kim’s weight matters to spy agencies. Kim’s health affects regional security. His father & grandfather died of heart attacks." 



However, in recent pictures, the political figure seems to have once again gained weight. He was seen with his daughter examining a military spy satellite. The father-daughter duo were also spotted watching a military parade in Pyongyang in February where the North Korean leader appeared visibly overweight. 


According to ABC News, the parade took place in Kim Il-Sung Square in central Pyongyang, marking the 75th anniversary of the People’s Army. Over 30,000 soldiers showed off the military capabilities of the country with ballistic missiles and missile launchers for two hours. Dr. Yang Uk of the Asan Institute for Policy Studies then stated, “North Korea showcased the largest number of ICBMs in history during Wednesday night’s parade. This sends a message to the United States that North Korea’s strike capabilities are no joke, and they are prepared to attack any time.”

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Carl Court
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Carl Court


Given the medical history of heart attacks in the North Korean leader's family, his weight remains the most debated topic circulated among news media outlets and South Korean agencies in assessing the political and military strength of North Korea. 

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