Kim Kardashian Sends This Message to Gunshot Survivor Who Credits SKIMS Bodysuit for Saving Her Life

Kim Kardashian Sends This Message to Gunshot Survivor Who Credits SKIMS Bodysuit for Saving Her Life
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In a touching and unexpected turn of events, Kim Kardashian reached out to a shooting survivor who credits her SKIMS bodysuit for saving her life. This adorable heartwarming exchange took place on The Jennifer Hudson Show, where Nina Wiley shared her near-death experience of being shot and how her SKIMS shapewear played a pivotal role in her survival.

Wiley, a 22-year-old SKIMS fan, was shot four times after attending a New Year Eve’s Party in 2022. During her interview with Hudson, Wiley expressed her gratitude and firm belief that the SKIMS shapewear, though possibly a size too small, served as a protective layer during the shooting, altering the trajectory of the bullets and luckily by god’s grace saving her life.

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Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Allen Berezovsky
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Allen Berezovsky


Wiley went viral in July after she confidently claimed a SKIMS bodysuit saved her after she got shot four times. As per Daily Mail, She firmly believes the shapewear helped apply pressure to the wounds. "So not only did it help with compression when I did get shot, but it completely changed where the bullet even landed in me," Wiley explained, further adding, "because the doctors were saying how...the bullets could have really killed me. People die from getting shot once, I got shot four times."

Kim, the founder of SKIMS, surprised Wiley with a heartfelt video message on the show, expressing her empathy and appreciation for Wiley’s willpower. Kim asserted in the video, “Hi Nina, I wish I was there in person, but I wanted to send you a quick hello,” the SKIMS founder announced. “I loved hearing your story and I’m just thinking of you as you continue to recover. I also hear that you are pursuing a degree in criminal justice, and I wanted to say congratulations. Study hard, it's not easy. I look forward to seeing everything you’re doing with this,” As an extra surprise, Kardashian revealed that she had sent Wiley more SKIMS products to enjoy.


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The heart-stirring moment left Wiley visibly moved, as Hudson presented her with two bags filled with SKIMS products after Kim’s video message. Acknowledging the unexpected bond with Kim, Wiley shared, "Just knowing that she knows my name is insane to me. Like, I’m a real person to her, you know. And to see that she went out of her way for all this. It's nice to see something so beautiful can come out of something so awful."

According to the sources of People, Wiley's journey to recovery, both physically and mentally, was also highlighted during the show. She asserted, “Especially because the first few months, I’m so focused on physically recovering. And so it wasn’t until so many months later that I could even think about recovering, like, my mental.”

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Kim's supportive message and gesture served as a beacon of positivity amid Wiley's difficult recovery process. In this unexpected connection between a celebrity entrepreneur and a courageous survivor, Kim's kindness and Wiley's resilience showcase the potential for beauty to emerge from even the most challenging circumstances.


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