Justin and Hailey Bieber Have This Matching Tattoo to Celebrate and Support Each Other

Justin and Hailey Bieber Have This Matching Tattoo to Celebrate and Support Each Other
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Amy Sussman

Some stories survive the test of time in the ever-changing landscape of pop culture. Among these, Justin and Hailey Bieber's love story stands out, grabbing the hearts of millions. Let's reflect back on the significant matching tattoos that represent this famous celebrity couple's love and unity.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by James Devaney
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by James Devaney

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Justin shared a series of Instagram photographs on March 28, 2021, that went viral. The photographs showed the pop sensation receiving a new tattoo on his neck; it was a peach, a symbolic gesture related to his popular song Peaches. This new addition to Bieber's huge collection, designed by famous celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo, is not only visually appealing but also holds a significant message.

This tattoo represents more than just body art; it is a tribute to Justin and Hailey's relationship. The hit song Peaches, from Justin's album Justice, praises the joys and warmth of love. Its lyrics represent the couple's cherished moments together and express a sense of pleasure and happiness. Justin immortalized his love for Hailey in a highly personal and permanent way by etching a peach onto his neck.

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Hailey also participated in this act of love and unity. She shared an image of a matching peach tattoo on the crook of her elbow on her Instagram Story. While the idea of matching tattoos is not entirely unique in the celebrity world, it is the emotional resonance behind Justin and Hailey's mark that has captivated fans worldwide. Their decision to celebrate their love with this symbolic gesture showed a sense of adoration and unity that many found beautiful and inspiring.

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While the internet was filled with love and support for Justin and Hailey's matching tattoos, there is one noticeable exception - Justin's mother, Pattie Mallette, reports The Things. She voiced her concerns in the comments section of Justin's Instagram post with a weary emoji and the words, "Don't you have enough yet?" jokingly inquiring whether her son had "enough" tattoos. However, it is evident that Justin's selection was emotionally personal to him and his wife Hailey, making it a standout in his huge collection.


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Justin Bieber's tattoo journey has been widely chronicled. His body art is a canvas for the life experiences and memories that have shaped him. From his religious-themed ink to the tattoos that depict his love for music, each tattoo tells a story. The addition of the peach tattoo to his collection is more than simply a cosmetic upgrade; it signifies the love and happiness he has found in his marriage to Hailey.

Surprisingly, the singer previously stated that he was done with neck tattoos. He declared on a YouTube special in 2020 that the rose tattoo on his neck would be his last, according to Refinery29.

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