Joy Behar Dares Donald Trump to Seek Revenge on ‘The View’ Hosts for Criticizing Him: “Try It”

Joy Behar Dares Donald Trump to Seek Revenge on ‘The View’ Hosts for Criticizing Him: “Try It”
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In the high-stakes world of political drama, the recent clash on The View between co-host Joy Behar and former President Donald Trump has emerged as must-watch television. The heated exchange occurred as Behar threw down the gauntlet, challenging Trump to come after her and her co-hosts if he returns to the White House with vengeance on his agenda. The feud began with Behar addressing reports suggesting that Trump’s second presidential term would include settling scores with those who opposed him during his first term, including media members. Behar, never one to back down from controversy, boldly challenged the former president: "Go ahead! Try it!"

Image Source: Getty Images |  Arturo Holmes
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Arturo Holmes

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During an episode of the ABC talk show, Behar highlighted Trump’s recent interview with Univision, where he shared his agenda for a potential second term. The discussion quickly escalated into a broader analysis of Trump’s statements about seeking revenge, specifically against political opponents who opposed him. Behar did not hold back and criticized, "Don't his supporters see that he turns on people who are in his corner? If you dare to go against him, even this much, he goes bananas on you." As per Entertainment Weekly, the co-hosts dissected Trump’s remarks and expressed concerns about the potential weaponization of the Department of Justice under his leadership. Ana Navarro exclaimed, "I don’t know, but if he’s weaponizing government against his opponents, boy, are we in trouble." Sunny Hostin compared Trump's sentiments to historical events like McCarthyism, dictatorship, and J. Edgar Hoover's lists.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Mario Tama
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Mario Tama


Behar drew parallels between Trump’s revenge list and historical instances like Nixon’s enemy list, insinuating the potential impact on the country and even their show. Former Trump White House associate Alyssa Farah Griffin, who has since become a vocal opponent of Trump, hopped into the discussion, asserting, "Donald Trump is running for president for two reasons, to get out of jail and to get revenge on his enemies, and when he speaks, we should listen. Frankly, it's scary." As per Fox News, in a jaw-dropping moment, Behar directly challenged Trump through the camera, saying, "Us. What about us? Try it! Go ahead, try it. We have this show every day, okay, Donald?" Hostin talked about a legal note, indicating that a Trump aide clarified that Trump was "not claiming that he was going to seek retribution against his political opponents, but attempted to make the point that a new precedent had been set by the Biden Department of Justice."

Image Source: Youtube | The View
Image Source: Youtube | Photo by The View

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While Behar's comment came in the wake of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's appearance on The View, where she offered a grim forecast about the nation's future if Trump were to be re-elected, "I can't even think that, because I think it would be the end of our country as we know it, and I don't say that lightly. I hated losing, and I especially hated losing to him because I'd seen so many warning signals during the campaign, literally, from his inauguration on, it was nothing but accusing people of things, making up facts, denying the size of the crowd at his inauguration. Everything I worried about, I saw unfolding." The challenge has been thrown, and only time will tell how this titanic clash plays out in the ever-unpredictable world of politics.

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