Jimmy Kimmel Talks About This One Habit of Donald Trump's That 'He Can’t Help' Even While Testifying

Jimmy Kimmel Talks About This One Habit of Donald Trump's That 'He Can’t Help' Even While Testifying
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Jimmy Kimmel highlighted an odd habit of former President Donald Trump, a practice that seems to accompany him even in the most serious circumstances, on a recent episode of his late-night program, Jimmy Kimmel Live! The comedian, famed for his witty observations and biting criticism, pointed out that Trump still couldn't control his urge to exaggerate while being on trial for allegedly exaggerating the worth of his properties.


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Kimmel, on his show, was discussing Trump's ongoing civil fraud, during which he was asked if he had any hand in producing financial statements that padded up the value of his Mar-a-Lago property. As reported by HuffPost, Kimmel then joked, "Even though he’s on trial for inflating the value of his assets, he can’t help but inflate the value of his assets."

According to Kimmel, Trump had made another apparent gaffe when the business mogul seemingly forgot a crucial detail about his time in the White House — he wasn't the President of the States in 2021. Kimmel remarked, "He was asked if he was involved in preparing a financial statement in 2021, he said he wasn’t because he was too busy in the White House keeping our country safe from China and Russia. And then the lawyer had to remind him he wasn’t president in 2021, and he didn’t live in the White House." 



Last month, Kimmel called the former president 'a scumbag' as Trump posted a link to New York Attorney General Letitia James' home address on his social media platform. As reported by HuffPost, Kimmel said at the time, "He’s such a scumbag you sometimes forget he’s a dick, too. It’s interesting: The only court dates Trump goes to are the ones involving money. The criminal trials? Nothing!"

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Trump had posted a tirade against New York Attorney General Letitia James on his social platform, Truth Social, calling for her 'fake case' against him to be 'dropped immediately!' The post also stated, "My Financial Statements are extremely conservative, and her numbers were way off, including the fact that she undervalued Mar-a-Lago and Doral by Billions of Dollars." It continued, "She also didn’t reveal the 100% Disclaimer Clause at the front of the Financial Statements, and that she sued me under a Statute that was never used before. MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE AND ELECTION INTERFERENCE ALL WRAPPED UP IN ONE!"

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Along with this, Trump had linked a Substack article by Laura Loomer linking James to a "Christian J. French, The Trump-hating COO and heir to the Anti-Trump 'Regional News Network.'" This post reportedly featured screenshots of financial records showing what appears to be the attorney's home address in Brooklyn.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Michael M. Santiago
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Michael M. Santiago


Previously, Kimmel also targeted Trump's sons and their ongoing trials. According to The Guardian, Kimmel said on his show, "Here’s the thing about Don Jr – what he lacks in intelligence, he also lacks in charisma... Trump was not there in person to support his sons – he had a Halloween party to host, but he did lash out at a judge on Truth Social, 'Leave my children alone!'. One thing you do have to hand to the Trumps–they stick together. Whether they’re running a fake university or a phony charitable organization, or just burying their mother on a golf course. They are a unified front."

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